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        90. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

        Well my mate told me, he isn't a guy who would lie, he was sort of serious when he said it. He made no saying of a source, in which case I've doubted it ever since he said it as nothing seems to have changed in the system from my point of view. But it really could use a change, a big one. Even though saying this is wasting my time, they will never change it unless they had a massive stroke of logic that suddenly passed over them one morning. I'm just waiting for the day 3arc get some common sense, I'd be interested to know who in 3arc  came up with the ranking system idea , he must have been dreaming to often. So far Im only interested in what you specifically said, everything else never seems to fit in one place. (e.g KD ratio)

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          91. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

          Us continuing the debate about the ranking system while there is a break between blop2 and the next iteration is all that 3arc wants. Which is not a bad thing.


          This debate can go on forever and there is no 100% conclusive that I have seen so far yet. We can just infer for now and let the debate continue.


          Dave you have put some good evidence together to dispel that it is probably not a k/d thing. Maybe that is the angle we should tackle. Work out what is almost certainly not a big factor of the ranking system calculation.

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            92. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

            Here's a factor, confusing and makes us question 3arc "why did you not make it like multiplayer, a simple prestige system, instead of making it so the worst players in the world get top rank whilst the best don't get nothing". We shouldn't have to work our butts over the system, as it should be simple, but 3arc have to do something to trash up zombies.

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              93. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

              I just got my shotguns, I have the solution...


              The more games you have played, the higher the KD ratio you will need to rank up... Start a new account and you only need like 50KD for knife and 100 for shotguns (you also need a minimum number of games played (not a lot), and minimum 10000 kills)...


              An account with more games needs up to about 125 KD for knife and 250 KD for shotguns.  It's got nothing to do with consistency or revives or high rounds or anything else, if you want shotties then get to 250KD using any method at all, its just that simple...

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                94. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                Most of my freinds are at 250 KD and over, none of them have shotguns. Like DavetheDisturbing said, the KD stuff is all useless now. A lot of people have way over 250 KD and very few have shotguns. I also got my knife at a KD of 34.67 on a game. This was when the game 1st came out BTW. I'm not saying your idea's rubbish, I'm only saying that it hasn't worked for a lot of people, people who have not been playing zombies for a while, a long while. Maybe you just got lucky after a well-performed game, also it can take more than a day or two to update if the server's playing up, which it has been recently. When I got my knife, i had not played a single zombie match for 2 days, when I went back on again, my rank was knife.

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                  95. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                  Yes, it is most certainly is KD ratio, allow me to offer some PROOF since there are still believers that this is only a theory... Instead of focusing on what hasn't worked to rank up, focus on what you can actually observe at the moment you do rank up, and the pieces fall into place pretty neatly...


                  KD is proven because we simply observe that when one does rank up, assuming you have the minimum kills (not a lot), and that you have played on the main maps at least once, it ALWAYS happens EXACTLY when your KD hits a round number, i.e. 90.00, 125.00, 320.00 (party chat will show your rank change exactly when you hit the magic number of kills, not after a round or after a game).  Numbers don't lie, go try it for yourself!  This is PROOF!


                  Now obviously something else affects the minimum KD needed for ranking up...  I am pretty confident that only # of games played will increase the ratio needed from a minimum...  Contrary to popular belief, it will NOT get easier by having more revives, doors, grenades, headshots, high rounds, or anything else...  If it does, this is negligable...

                  I believe games played is the main factor and it only gets harder, not easier...  We know this is because (a) we observe people rank down when quitting games with 0 kills 0 downs, and (b) shotguns can ONLY be achieved with less than 100KD using a relatively new account...  If they are claiming otherwise, I call BS...  It's obvious that very new accounts have drastically different ratio requirements, but ratio requirements nonetheless, games played only makes sense...


                  Most people who don't have shotguns simply don't have the minimum KD for their account, seriously its that simple!   Everyone will get it eventually if they just keep on raising their KD, perhaps it goes as high as 320 KD for shotguns... Also remember not to trust that everyone knows how to calculate the KD correctly, often what they tell you is wrong i.e. with deaths, or with total stats instead of co-op stats...   Also rememberthat the rank system has been changed since Die Rise and so ranks obtained before this don't count when trying to figure out the new system...


                  There is an alarming number of shotgun players who gain and lose their rank at exactly 250.00 KD, myself included, and yes I had the rank reset error about 100 times along the way...  Sorry guys, this isn't as complicated as you think.

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                    96. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                    You are WRONG! end of story!

                    Im a long game player, i dont care for rank and play with anyone who is willing to play for leaderbord, that is all.


                    You must really suck at this game if you so obsessed about this RANK that doesn't justify anything but how long you play the game. The forum is dead, and most posters had enough of this subject. All stats effect your rank, but i can assure you that with a new account you can get this top rank in one game if you have 20k kills and below 100 downs, explain that...

                    Also explain this, 20k kills and below 100 downs quit as many times as you want,... top rank.

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                      97. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                      In all reality, it's probably a combination of multiple things.  Some things are weighted differently than others, and their weights change as the player progresses. This explains why those glitching losers doing the round skip on tranzit got shorties on one game, why someone with 300 k/d don't have shotties, and why dropping out of numerous games will derank you.  If you take out the glitch shotties out there, then you really have a good representation of how good a player is.

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                        98. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                        All stats effect your rank

                        Quitting games doesn't effect anything unless you change stats while doing it (collect a down), you can have 1000 games getting only 20 kills per game avoiding downs and score your top rank.

                        Yet again this such called RANK doesnt mean $hit to a good player, it doesn't represent anything, example.....


                        2 top rank players in the same lobby

                        player1. 20k kills.

                        player2. 1million kills.

                        Please ouuu please tell me how this rank can justify which player is better?

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                          99. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                          see my post, playing more low round games (quitting) will require you to have a higher KD ratio to rank up... you will rank up quickest if you do it all in one game... and yes i agree ranks are pointless but this puzzle is now solved so i will spread the word!

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