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      let me start by saying ive been playing duty since WOW, and this is by far the worst game in the series, but easily fixable.


      1. amplify is destorying this game, go play any game mode, the kid in the room 'killing it' is sitting back listening to footsteps, never moving. the old motto in games was you stand still you die, now we are giving these untalented players he tools to help them stand still even more. it is a joke, this is not what an FPS is supposed to be, do you really want to turn this series into a game full of people sitting in corners or crouch walking the whole map. dead silence should not be countered, no additional tools are needed for those who are already in the corner waiting for someone to walk by with an IED at there back, these are the players everyone hates, stop dedicating the game to them.


      2. there is a moment of invicibilty in the drop shot, i swear detection is messed up during the prone, in coe i though maybe... in hardcore i know for sure... guys dropping to there belly's like a cheap lady of the night are getting a big advantage.


      3. Vest and dogs are ridiculously OP... in hardcore a marksman rifle goes from one shot to 4-5 wih a vest, this is way to high of and advantage for a 'killstreak" that you can die and still earn. and dogs used to be a well timed knife or a few bullets, now run through a clip.


      im sure im leaving out quite a few other things that need tweaking, but if i dont see a change between now and xbox 1... ill be one of the many flocking to Bf4....