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    New Play Styles Evident


      Ok so i was gaming last night and suddenly thought i've not been killed by a grenade, a launcher nor have i been the victim of stun grenades etc.

      IED's are becoming common but not in a bad way.


      in all other CODs i have spammed grenades at DOM points like a boss then endured being spammed by grenades at DOM points while capping.


      AR's are clearly dominant, LMGs are rare, i haven't seen a shotgun and i'm like level 42ish!  thats a good thing though lol, quick scoping is rare but still p*ss annoying.


      its a very different world out there lol


      i'd really like to hear what other big changes people are seeing in theirs/other peoples play styles


      me i'm very perk focussed dropping all grenades and a secondary for a perk-tastic loadout. 


      oh and the score streaks are lame as.  guard dog is ok, maniac is funny but none are as good as the AC130 or the pred missile or the pavelow in assault.

      support is ok but again most of them are lame, ammo crate is useful helo sniper is a cool idea but they all seem a bit pants   anyone else feeling underwhelmed by them?

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          agree 100 percent

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            Definitely it's an AR game. I'm glad killstreaks are back but i am a bit underwhelmed by them, the only decent ones being the guard dog and battle hind IMO. I haven't seen anything but ARs really with the occasional sniper here and there. I've noticed the IED and thermal hybrid sights have been increasingly popular. Also I for one have found smoke grenades to be particularly  effective in this game especially when trying to get from point A to point B. Sidearms are crap, RPGs are crap, flash bangs and concussion grenades are crap.

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              I'm glad the rewards are weak. More focus on gun vs gun. The AR's being used more. BO2 was smg now AR's. Every cod has his favorite weapon type. Not seeing shotty's and lmg's. Happends every cod. First month orso mostly ar's or smg's. Other weapons become populair later on. Mostly when the first couple of tweaks have arrived.
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                I think its just that people are still getting used to the game. Most of the maps are bigger compared to the old ones which is why you dont see that many people running around with a shotgun. It is very uncommon to see a lack of grenades in those game modes but also keep in mind that it isnt christmas yet and i have yet to see the amount of people online break 500,000. I would say to enjoy it while you can because it will change around christmas.