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    Ban The Leaderboard Hackers

      Okay so this is getting ridiculous... there are now over 30,000 people that have hacked the Score leaderboards and EVERY single lobby I join there are 2-3 people that hacked for their prestiges (there are 9th + in every game).


      By not banning these individuals all you are doing is telling people that its "okay" to hack the leaderboards because IW is not banning anyone, leading to more and more people doing it.


      If you guys are not going to ban anyone that hack the leaderboards then what is the point in even having them?


      Please fix this issue and clean the hackers off the leaderboards..


      And don't say you have been banning people because if you have I wouldn't see more and more of them daily.

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          I'm sure between now and x amount of time they will do something about it.

          But think the hacked lobby's and game updates have a higher priority

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            Totally agree.

            This happens with every single COD.

            What they need to do it have a team ready for this and as SOON AS PEOPLE HACK THE LEADERBOARD they should be instantly banned from the game.

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                That would be nice wouldn't it


                Anyway OP, dont despair, there'll soon be an influx of people who have been 'banned for nothing' or their little brother was on their console hacking and glitching, or they accidentally joined a modded lobby and accidentally carried on playing right up til max prestige, and so on and so on and so on...

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                Banning the leaderboard hackers would be incredibly easy. A simple program could be written searching for abnormalities categories such as Time Played, Average Score,Wins, Losses, Kills and such. The output of such a program could be then fed to the banning system. A competent programmer could probable write it in half a morning.

                A much "smarter" program could be written that would apply statistical analysis to look for abnormalities.

                Repeat offenders should be prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. A little jail time and the removal of computer/gaming system privileges might do some good for the whole community.

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                  Investigating and banning takes time. It also takes reporting. Problem is if you report someone who wasnt in a game with you the report comes up as false.


                  There is nothing happening in this game that didnt happen in the last game. There are still boosters on top of the leaderboards in Black Ops..

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                    I agree 100% OP. Ban the hackers.

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                      Some things in this world you have to get used to.


                      There is still going to be boosters who get away with everything .


                      Same thing with crime in our streets.


                      you can stop either. Just hope they dont come around me.

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