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    Multiplayer Gameplay RUINED!!!!!!!!

           The awesome thing about COD has been that you could play it in any style you wanted.  UNTIL NOW.  Me and my clan only play objective matches and do so without regard for K/D, only winning.  Where is HEADQUARTERS, DEMOLITION, CAPTURE THE FLAG?  Why do the current objective matches use cheesy gimmicks and limit the loadout?  Where is UAV, and for gods sake where is my TACTICAL INSERTION?  There is not a single objective match worth playing.  There is no way to track score/minute which in my opinion was the only measure of true skill in your game mode.

           Rushers have always complained about Campers, and vice versa, but with skill you could succeed and find a game mode that suited your style of play.  Ghosts has thrown all that out the window and for that I think this title shouldn't even bear the COD name.  It seems bent on slowing everyone down and taking away the game modes that encouraged and rewarded aggressive and fast-paced strategies and tactics.  The guns are all equal. The perks are useless. The loadout system sucks.

           I can creep and camp in a TDM with the best while keeping a high K/D spread, but that is just no fun at all for me.  Thanks to the terrible options available in Ghosts there is no interesting game framework for me to engage in.  Me and my entire Clan have filed warranty claims and requested refunds on the grounds that we bought this expecting to get a Call of Duty Game and instead got Activision's pandering to all the people who we have pwned when they stumbled into dynamic objective gameplay.        

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          completely agree with you on the tac insert and perks

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              It's not ruined, just puzzling on why they left out so much. I'm also glad they left out Tac's. Altought they would come in handy with the **** spawns they have.

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                So many cry babies in this forum. If you hate the game so much, move on. No one is forcing you to play it.


                Also, Cranked and blitz are games made for rushers. I'm a rusher, and this is by far the best COD I have ever played.

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                    I'm hoping developers will listen and maybe things will be better next time.  I have already filed warranty claims along with the rest of my clan and will not be playing this anymore.  That doesn't mean I don't have legitimate gripes or that they shouldn't be voiced.
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                        sorry that you and your clan don't like the game, but a warranty claim will get you nothing. is the game broken? no. does it work as advertised? yes. you don't have an actual claim if you simply just "don't like it", thats not how warranty claims work.


                        if you guys are really that upset about it, sell it, and move on. IW has been bitched at for their past few releases on maps being too small, the gameplay not being strategic enough, people just running & gunning. they've made these changes in an effort to slow down the gameplay & add a level of strategy that demands more cautious playing, but still give people the option of faster-pace by adding cranked and such.


                        i guess it really is true, you can't please all the people all the time...

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                      The freedom to play different styles of game is not present in this game and I can't understand the reasoning behind it.  It takes the fun out of it for many different types of player.  There are many people that will be satisfied playing TDM or kill confirmed or maybe even camping in Domination but that still leaves a lot of people out in the cold. 
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                          I play every style just fine. I think the problem. is you.

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                              Really how about showing me how you roll headquarters, demolition, capture the flag, or ground war.  Oh yeah, they don't exist in Ghost.  That's the point I'm trying to make.  It doesn't bug you because you are a TDM, Kill Confirmed kind of guy.  That's fine.  But what about the rest of us?
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                                  they are there, sort of. they've been changed to reflect some changes to change things up a bit. SnD has become search & rescue, and SnD is coming back anyway. CTF has become "blitz", domination is still there unchanged...


                                  yes, it's different, but in a good way, IMO. everyone always ******* that it's the same game every year, its an FPS, it can't change all that much, but here they are trying to make some changes while keeping the core gameplay the same and it's still gonna piss people off.


                                  fact is, is that this info about game modes and everything else was available before launch, you should've done your homework. like i said earlier, it's obvious that this game isn't for you, sell it and move on. or wait and see if they make some changes that suit you more.

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                              COD Ghost is not COD MW4. It's a different game that has evolved to what it is now. To be successful in this new evolved world, the species of the world need to evolve also. Basically, what worked for cavemen 6000 years ago does not work in today's society just like what worked in COD:MW and BO series doesn't always work in COD Ghost. The sooner you are able to figure that out, the sooner you will either enjoy it or not survive.


                              By the way, the game has only been out a little more than a week. Styles will evolve. Just like when new map packs came out in the past and people would play slow until they learned them, same is going on in COD:Ghost. Playstyles on this game will evolve over time based on what everyone sees.


                              Just relax, enjoy the game or not but being overly dramatic? Geesh.


                              And you guys didn't file a warranty claim. There is no warranty against ignorance to what you bought.

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                                So let me get this straight…You've played COD in the past? You were used to playing certain game modes? You didn't care about KD but only winning right?


                                I'm trying to understand how Multiplayer is ruined…Each version of COD Multiplayer has evolved over the years…either learn a new game mode and continue to play to win or move on. Creating a BS profile name (IH8CODGHOSTS) so you can post an anonymous rant is useless and childish. 


                                Either way you wanted some attention and now you got it…Go now and pout somewhere else...

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                                  The warranty claim is still outstanding but this is my correspondence with support with activision.

                                  Jess P: Activision Support reporting for duty!Jess P: Thank you for contacting Activision Customer support, how may I help you today?You: Yes. I am extremely disgruntled with Ghosts and have a long list of

                                  complaintsYou: I have purchased every COD and expect certain things from the franchiseYou: The Multiplayer game has been entirely gutted and I find that completely unnacceptableYou: There are no viable

                                  objective game modes such as: Headquarters, Demolition, Ground War, Capture the Flag etc.You: This version only really offers TDM and Domination as serious modesYou: The guns are all overpowered and the

                                  versatility of choices and "ways" to play the game are gone. I want to give you guys this terrible effort back and recieve a refund.Jess P: I'm sorry that you're having this kind of problem. Let brighten up your day and assist

                                  you with your concern.Jess P: To better assist you, may I have your first and last name, gamer tag, console you are using, the product you're contacting us about and email address?You: *redacted*Jess P:

                                  Thank you for those information.Jess P: May I put you on hold for 2-3 minutes as I check on my resources regarding your issue, would that be okay with you?You: SureJess P: Thank you for patiently

                                  waiting.Jess P: I see. I understand how you feel about this. I'll be taking this as a feedback and make a report about this and forward this to the appropriate team so that they can look into this matter. Would that be

                                  okay with you?You: Yes please.You: This move by activision has alienated an entire subsection of its dedicated base of players.Jess P: Regarding the refund, unfortunately, we do not provide one. We do not

                                  have access to the billing information.You: I doYou: Hello?Jess P: I'm still here.You: I have access to the billing information including the receipt from Best BuyJess P: I see. Unfortunately, as much

                                  as I wanted to help you regarding the refund, we do not have one.You: I was wrongfully led to believe that buying the lastest installment of the game would gain me access to the gameplay with which I have

                                  become accustomed with the previous titles in the series. I currently feel jilted into shelling out 60 bucks for a very sorry effort on Activisions behalf

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                                    I'm going to lock this thread because it is getting out of hand. OP - follow up with Support regarding your feedback and concerns. Take note that S&D is returning on 11/15, so I think that shows IW is willing to make playlist changes to add/remove game modes in the future.


                                    Everyone else - Attacking someone that has an opinion contrary to yours is not going to fly. A lot of you know better (this is my I AM DISSAPOINT face... and you know who you are). Think about being HELPFUL instead of HURTFUL in the future.


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