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    Juggernaut maniac in Hardcore has less health than a dog... is that supposed to happen?

      I play mostly hardcore kill confirmed mode and found this problem when Juggernaut maniac was selected:

      Juggernaut maniac in Hardcore has way too little health. Whenever I try to run to someone and knife them, they kill me with 1-2 shots, as if I didn't have any juggernaut armor...

      I also noticed that dogs have a very high health - they can take 5-7 shots from most guns to kill (5 shots from most powerful marksman rifle, for example, when all players only take a single bullet). At the same time players only take 1-2 bullets to kill.


      It seems juggernaut perk (10 kills in one life) has much less health than a dog (5 kills in one life). This seems unfair to me.

      Is it supposed to be this way?


      I'd understand if Juggernaut was extremely hard to kill (anything in between 5 and 15 hits) even in Hardcore - makes sense as its really hard to get.