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        100. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

        boybad you can have 1000 games getting only 20 kills per game avoiding downs and score your top rank.

        Quitting games can work in your favor just like it can work against it, depending on what stats you are collecting before you quit, kills or downs?

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          101. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

          Oh you're exactly right, Boybad.  I am a skull and I will destroy 90% of shottgunners...  My stats are f-ed because this is the game I learned to play zombies.


          THere is is no way to tell which player is better in your scenario- 20k shottie vs 1mil shottie, this is because there is nothing past shotties.  Without glitching a true shottie will massacre a true bone or true skull, ( I'm not talking about the shottie player that created a new account and has a damn bone level)  this is what the ranking system is for.  Remember;: we have taken this game to almost a level of obsession, we have gone far past what the ranking system was intended for, hence such high kill scenarios are not really the norm, nor statistically accurate in public forums.

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            102. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

            Why do you guys care anyways? blops 2 is finished. People aren't gonna come back to zombies till summer.

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              103. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

              Sorry to steal your thunder, but this is a load of rubbish. You provide circumstantial "evidence", such as people always achieving their shotguns at a round number. Before I provide more irrefutable proof than what I have in the title post and reply comments, I will state this: the requirements for every player is the same. It makes no sense to have different standards per player and while it can flicker across peoples' minds, it is not on a person to person basis; such an implementation would require a much more complex mathematical formula than what is present in the game, objectively speaking. It would also be unfair to have a requirement of a fifty kills to downs division for Tommy, but one of one-hundred for Peter. There is, finally, the fact that Jimmy Zielinski, a member involved in the Zombies section of Call of Duty, up front stated the basic workings of the level system.
              Right, onto basic logic and irrefutable evidence:

              MikeOMG wrote:


              KD is proven because we simply observe that when one does rank up, assuming you have the minimum kills (not a lot), and that you have played on the main maps at least once, it ALWAYS happens EXACTLY when your KD hits a round number, i.e. 90.00, 125.00, 320.00 (party chat will show your rank change exactly when you hit the magic number of kills, not after a round or after a game).  Numbers don't lie, go try it for yourself!  This is PROOF!

              I'll start with this. On my tertiary account I did not reach level five following the achievement of a "ratio" that was a round number, decimals were involved. I received the shotguns after the game ended, not during. It only takes one piece of evidence to destroy a formula, so there you go.

              Okay, I can't resist, this comment was too incorrect to pass up replying to: "and that you have played on the main maps at least once". Once again, I can personally disprove this. When I started my tertiary account, I only played three maps, which were not the only locations (or main maps as you've called them) available at the time.

              I believe games played is the main factor and it only gets harder, not easier...  We know this is because (a) we observe people rank down when quitting games with 0 kills 0 downs, and (b) shotguns can ONLY be achieved with less than 100KD using a relatively new account...  If they are claiming otherwise, I call BS...  It's obvious that very new accounts have drastically different ratio requirements, but ratio requirements nonetheless, games played only makes sense...

              I achieved level five (shotguns) with a kills to downs ratio over one-hundred on what was a relatively new account (after my eighteenth game). So have many others (achieved shotguns with a "ratio" of over one-hundred). Games played does make sense, and is something I have been pushing since this post's beginning.


              Most people who don't have shotguns simply don't have the minimum KD for their account, seriously its that simple!   Everyone will get it eventually if they just keep on raising their KD, perhaps it goes as high as 320 KD for shotguns... Also remember not to trust that everyone knows how to calculate the KD correctly, often what they tell you is wrong i.e. with deaths, or with total stats instead of co-op stats...   Also rememberthat the rank system has been changed since Die Rise and so ranks obtained before this don't count when trying to figure out the new system...


              There is an alarming number of shotgun players who gain and lose their rank at exactly 250.00 KD, myself included, and yes I had the rank reset error about 100 times along the way...  Sorry guys, this isn't as complicated as you think.

              A lot of people on the forums who have typed their kill to death "ratios" also post their stats, which those who know how to calculate can verify, making that point about not knowing how is irrelevant.
              Please provide proof that the system was changed following Revolution's release. Besides, many peoples' stats have been posted since, so there's not a small number of people whose stats can be viewed.
              As for the so-called "alarming" number of level five players who drop to level four, nobody thinks to track whether it was a high round or not, just kills and downs, which leaves the game played as a possibility as it is not refuted in any form.

              You are right in regards to the complexity of the system, however: it really isn't complicated. You start a match and are expected to achieve a high number or rounds with as few downs as possible, is essentially how Zielinski put it.

              I won't be replying to any replies to this (as others have stated, it's pointless, I've only replied recently because people are defending an incorrect theory, which may be detrimental to them), in case you're tempted to skim past the above, my previous comments and title post and then debate this further.

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                104. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                You're not stealing my thunder, you're just having trouble digesting that the puzzle is solved...  "It didn't work for me!!!" isn't disproving a mathematical formula that works for literally everyone else... You simply did it wrong..


                Yes, now that we know how its done, I agree it makes no sense and it most certainly isn't fair for different people to have different ratios... But this is it, numbers don't lie, we have found the answer...  I will continue to spread the word everywhere I can that this puzzle has finally been SOLVED!


                Like I said, pause mid game, add yourself to a party, go to "friends" and see your player channel...  If you reach your magic round ratio (i.e. 300.00), you will rank up exactly when your co-op KD hits it, mid round...  It won't show the rank up on the scoreboard mid game, but it will in the pause menu.   If you don't rank up, go to the next round KD number, rinse, and repeat until you do... Works every time...  I'm sorry but like I said, numbers don't lie, you obviously didn't check this at the time so not sure why you are saying its disproved, there are plenty of youtube videos showing that you will indeed rank up mid-round... You also got yours mid round on an exact decimal, you just didn't notice...


                We know the system was changed because getting to round 200 by glitching used to rank you up right away and now it doesn't.. There is a good possibility they simply replaced rounds with games in the equation...


                Some stat related to age of the account (games played, total kills) is the factor that raises the minimum KD to rank up, my theory is that there is no way to lower it...  If you don't rank up quickly then you have a loooong road ahead of you...  I don't need any more evidence, see my posts on the previous page...  Case closed, now everyone can enjoy their new shotgun ranks...

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                  105. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                  Well that explains why my mate said that the system was changed, looks like he was right after all. Its true that you do rank up mid-game however, I got my skull on a secondary account in the middle of a farm survival game. To be honest after thinking it over, i'm starting the KD stuff does make some sense, NO offence DavetheDisturbing, I still think you put a lot of effort in the thread. Just one question, why did my mates not get shotguns when they hit 250 KD, this is just a simple question.

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                    106. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                    IIt's rounds to downs. Jimmy confirmed this. Simple answer, you're mates met the required rounds to down formula. There is no other factor. Get over it. Back in the beginning there was a round skip glitch in trzt. Those that had 26 kills had achieved shotties. Kd is a by-product of high rounds, little downs, that is whiteout cheating. Why is this so hard to grasp? The man that is responsible for the game said how the system works and how to rank up, so why all this possible this and that? As far as changing the way the formula works mid game makes zero sense as well, might as well start leaderboards over mid game, how many would have been pissed? This thread should have had one post below stating just that rounds to downs. Everything else is others trying to appear highly educated using big words. I had shotties at 160 kd. Then lost them, with a higher kd. (On purpose).

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                      107. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                      I couldn't agree more, BO1 was simple by displaying your highest round for given map and nobody cared how many downs you get during the game as long as you had the patience to go the distance and getting to high rounds was popular because that is what we saw on the leaderbord, now BO2 and this rank just made players obsessed about collecting downs and therefore most have desire to quit as soon as they go down.

                      CHANGE IT BACK!

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                        108. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                        It is not rounds per down, players wouldn't rank up mid-round if it was round related...  Jimmy was likely referring to the pre-patch rank system where you could level up by going to round 200 with no kills, or more likely it's BS.  Doing the exact same method doesn't work anymore, proof that there was a change to the formula!  Yes I agree it's ridiculous too!


                        It is just too important to ignore that with the new system, when you rank up or down to either knife or shotgun, your co-op KD will always be exactly on a round number (i.e. 250.00)... Please, after observing this, there is no argument left that can say KD ratio isn't the main factor. THE RANK PUZZLE HAS BEEN SOLVED!


                        You will get shotgun rank eventually if you keep raising your KD, every time... Older accounts take longer because the ratio seems to increase with the # of games you have played.  Like I said in a previous post, it likely maxes out at 320 for shotguns instead of 250 like I thought...   Maybe it's 400 for those with older accounts, but there is proof that there is a specific KD ratio you must reach and maintain, and it increases over time.  Keep on trucking, your account isn't glitched... A friend of mine had 2800 downs and he got his shotguns by cheating his way up to 700,000 kills!


                        The only piece of the puzzle left is how exactly the minimum KD ratio increases over time (games played) and if there is a way to decrease it (probably not).

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                          109. Re: Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

                          Okay, so I lied: I will reply.

                          MikeOMG wrote:


                          You're not stealing my thunder, you're just having trouble digesting that the puzzle is solved...  "It didn't work for me!!!" isn't disproving a mathematical formula that works for literally everyone else... You simply did it wrong..

                          Yes, yes it is. It is simple logic (and taught in schools) that if you find a single event in a pattern that does not fit, e.g. all prime numbers =/> 13, when they have 10 either added or subtracted from them, remain a prime number after at least one of the scenarios (bad wording, but easy to see what's meant). This conjecture is untrue because 59, when given 10 becomes the composite number 69, and when it loses 10 it becomes the composite number 49, thus proving the entire conjecture incorrect. That's logic and mathematics. Now, I do understand you are at least partially saying this because you believe I didn't count at the right time, and yeah, possible, but I'm not glued to the idea that it is simply "downs to rounds", and if you view my title post, I say something along the lines of it being possibly more complex.

                          As you've said, and I'm aware of, your rank may alter during a game (I've yet to see it happen, however, but it would appear possible). The thing was with me is that this did not happen for me. During the round? No change (obsessive stat checker, I've kept a list of my games played on my phone that, if required, I can provide, and in regards to your actual suggestion, I've never done this, thank you for letting me know that this is a thing). When I died? No change. When I watched the ending bit of the game, where it shows your stats etc? Still no change. It was only once I returned to the lobby that it updated. As I've verified, your stats update to your account at the end of each round, along with at the end of the game. I understand this possibly proves nothing incorrect, especially since you state it only shows on the player channel, but it's there to be seen.


                          But here's the thing about that: sure, your level may go up or down during the game, but that does not prove it's not related to any other factors.

                          We know the system was changed because getting to round 200 by glitching used to rank you up right away and now it doesn't.. There is a good possibility they simply replaced rounds with games in the equation...

                          We don't know that at all; it's conjecture. People track their kills and their downs, but never the games they enter and leave (seemingly except me, and as previously stated, if desired, I'll provide the list with a timestamp). We do not know if these glitchers have previously played games or anything else. It has also been stated in this thread tha

                          t following Die Rise they changed the system, however this post was started March 18th/19th, making that irrelevant. It's also somewhat irrelevant that you're posting about the level system being altered following Buried's release, since this post is therefore, by following your logic, referring to the previous system if there is indeed a post-Buried change.

                          You can say this kind of stuff all you'd like, but it really doesn't address any of the stuff in the title post. One major example is me losing dropping to level three when no downs were incurred (I know you've mentioned it possibly involving games played or rounds too, but you've also defended the kills to downs system, and that's what I'm addressing).


                          I don't need any more evidence, see my posts on the previous page...

                          I have, but once more, it's incorrect. This is what I'm referring to: "if you want shotties then get to 250KD using any method at all, its just that simple...". First off, others who have attained level five have commonly pointed out they did not achieve it with such a high "ratio". Secondly, of course it's easy to draw that conclusion because you need to go to a high round in order to get those kills (if not cheating) etc; this is because there are very few kills to gain before rounds such as fifteen and twenty, which is where your kills begin to get you closer to a 250 kills to downs "ratio". From memory, it's somewhere between rounds 18 and 25 in which you will usually attain 200 or so kills.
                          On my first point there, even though you've previously read it, this is reluctent's testimony, one of many across the forums: "Most of my freinds are at 250 KD and over, none of them have shotguns." That alone can be used to disprove your theory stated above, because if by "any method at all" attaining shotguns will work, then they would definitely have reached level five. Once more, they aren't the only people who can't account for your theory, and you'll find the rest of these people across the forums.


                          I like the tenacity you have, but I honestly feel it's more suited to your own post when defending a theory. All you provide is "proof" of how the kills to downs "ratio" is the system Treyarch's implemented. One thing that you need to see, in an objective sense, is that just because attaining a high kills to downs ratio, you are not proving that it is that system. With a high number of kills comes a high number of headshots, rounds and all that other stuff that people toss about being involved in the system. What you and many others have done is choose to concentrate on the kills to downs idea, but never checked any other variables. And yes, that was in reference to the post you made after the one I have primarily addressed, so I am reading what you've said, don't worry.


                          Once more, if you'd like me to post my games played list, replying that you would will suffice. Any defence of the kills to downs system will be ignored since Zielinski claimed it wasn't so (yes, I'm aware that you posted the following: "Jimmy was likely referring to the pre-patch rank system where you could level up by going to round 200 with no kills, or more likely it's BS", but he's one of Zombies' developers (which should be evidence enough). Yes, I understand he makes trolling tweets, but this one came at the end of the game's life cycle and when they had nothing to lose. He made it somewhat difficult to read, but he, when asked for the system, gave it. There's no evidence he was lying (as he gave the basics of the system, not every detail, leaving bits such as adding kills in there a possibility) and thus such comments should be avoided. In my last post, stating rounds versus downs was an example; I am not pushing that exact system and therefore replies about it are irrelevant. The two factors were only mentioned because they are confirmed to be relevant to the level system by a Zombies developer himself.


                          So yes, I recommend you only push your system after reading others' testimonies and in your own discussion; doing so here keeps what is supposed to be a notice topic alive, a pointless move.

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