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    So, I purchased this game...

      And I can't help but feel a little burned. It feels wrong that I contributed to such bad behavior by buying it. People expect value for their money. I expext at least the sme value as what comes on competing platforms. It's not that the Wii u isn't capable, so much as the effort put into it, yet the price is the same.


      So, as a wii u owner, I am to be happy about getting such a token effort? Activision doesn't advertise the game, and shops are under stocked. Consumers are left in the dark. Now we see articles about how the ps4 version outsells it, a console yet to be released. That's shocking? perhaps a marketing campaign could have helped. What's next, dropping wii u support due to poor sales? Nope, I'm sorry but poor Wii u sales is the fault of Activision here. It makes me feel good to be an owner of a product that the producer cares so little for. I can't help but feel slightly duped.


      It's bad that wii u owners expect so little. And it's a wonder why people don't buy 3rd party games? How about giving us a product worth buying? We don't even get parity.


      I feel bad for Trey, and the rest of the Treyarch team. It's not their fault that they were put ino a losing situation. And now damage control falls on his shoulders. It really shouldn't. I can't say that the Treyarch team did a bad job, they were just set up for failure. I expected an improvement over last years effort.


      God, I hate being treated like a redheaded stepchild.


      If only 3rd parties would put forth the sam effort towards the wii u, they might get a better return. So how big was the Wii u team vs. the xbox360 team?


      Of course you cant compete with Nintendo, they give 100%, Activision doesn't.


      oh, I heard there was a patch.

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          Re: So, I purchased this game...

          Grow up and play the game.  It is better that you expected.

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              Re: So, I purchased this game...

              I am playing it. man, I don't wanna sound like a stick in the mud. I mean, the game works. Just expected more. it's not better than I expected. no improvement over blops2 means not better than I expected.


              the real issue though, is the lack if advertising. as far as most know, the wiiu version doesn't exist.


              that sait, the game technically works; it's playable.

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                  Re: So, I purchased this game...

                  This game is excellent, there are no glaring issues that trouble me right now (except that damn dog ) Much better than Black Ops 2- even that game was good. The only real problem is that you seriously need to change your playstyle in this game- patience and marksmanship is key. I had some trouble at launch, but i now hold a steady 2.164 K/D and climbing. I am definitely not disappointed with Ghosts.

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