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    (Xbox 360/Xbox 1) xVision Gaming or xVSN is rectuiting. We are looking for player who love to play and win.

      Hello I am Cj aka WillyWooTang,

      I am the leader/founder of xVision Gaming, here we are a small clan that is based members who love to play and play along with others. At this time we have 18 members including myself, We do have a graphic designers and video editors that and they are always help full. We are a very active clan, in Elite we have 1-2 events a day some just so we have are members to be involved in the clan and play with other members. I will admit that we did not get gold all the time do to the fact we all do have things in our lives so some members can't be on 24/7/365. I use you life is first that is the most important thing, than gaming is second unless your life is gaming, so I am never strict on when you play what you play just as long you are playing with others when you can.

      So I hope to hear for so if you wish to play with us or me or any others look at our sitehttp://xvsn.enjin.com/ , there you will see all the information about us our member list events that are going on at all times, and information about things that you need to know.

      So if you wish to play contact me via:

      GT: WillyWooTang

      e-mail: xSVNGaming@gmail.com

      or the Contact Me link at our site.

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