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    Cross Platform Help.

      I have been on ps3 until a couple months ago, knowing that i can now be in my old clan but on a different platform is awesome, but none of us can figure it out. does anyone know how to do this? thanks.

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          Im on xbox 360 and soon to be xbox one.

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            You will need to search for their clan via the Mobile app (click on the People icon in the bottom right) and then apply to be in the clan. The leader would then have to go in and find your pending application (in the Manage Clan area) and approve your application. Some have reported issues with the cross-platform functionality, but those should be the steps that need to be taken. At this point they are not able to look you up in the mobile app to send you an invite.


            The intent of the cross-platform concept is to allow clans to have a mixture of friends on various platforms that can all contribute to the clan and it doesn't have to be just one platform. The concept is great, but ultimately a clan with everyone on the same console will likely do better as they have more options of people to team up with. As mentioned, since you can't play cross-platform, you are limited to just the teammates that happen to be on your platform. Hope this helps explain it to you.