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    Umbrella Corp. recruitment ps3 clan

      Hey I am zodiax15 and we need members for our clan. We are only two members and the clan is level 3 almost 4. We need to be at least 3 members to play clan wars when it starts. So please consider joining our clan. We are a danish clan and we only take in members from Europe and maby even memebers from only the same timezone. I am 18 years old so not just a little kid if you were worried about that.

      We wanna do a lot of clan wars when it comes out so please join now.


      There is no specific rules or needs you have to have to join the clan. I have a mic so we cna talk ;-)


      Write your psn acc name in the comments and you will be added as soon as I see the comment.


      I am very sorry if there were too many spelling mistakes and I hope it was readable.


      You cn also write to me on my e-mail: benjamin.kunckel@hotmail.com