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    very angry

      Hi been reading the forums for years now just to get tips and stuff,anyway about me ive been using the wii mote since reflex and done pretty well usually 2 + KDR on most games and high SPM even tho i run alone and always get the crap team mates like always, so i speak from some experience and consider myself  a slightly better then average player ,anyway after the new update having removed all aim assist im finding getting medium to long range shots almost impossible even against bots in squads, so trey u please hear this the wii mote needs some assist as my hand moves naturally so if my aim is slightly of  and the other player register were i am im dead in a heartbeat ...bang game over .Im very piss*d of and the game feels unplayable ,Im sure i could adapt but hey make the playing field even and lets c if the dual stick controllers can still  compete with me in a fight if they have no aim assist .........all or nothing 

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