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    I'm getting Squad Points for everything, and i'm NOT a hacker!

      Something funny happened to me on like the 3rd day since I started to play Ghosts.

      I wanted to try the Squads game mode, set up one or two soldiers and played a few games. I was only on level 18. Then one of my opponents was at level 60 and I beat him.

      After the match the soldier I played was at level 60, too. In the next game I noticed that I was getting Squad Points for every kill, assist, dog tag, sat-com, etc. the notifications just kept coming and coming.

      At that point I thought maybe the whole server or game was messed up or they're doing changes in the game like a special event or something like that ...

      Now, some days later there are still no changes, even if I play on someone elses PS with my account as the 2nd player.


      Of course it puts me in a advanced position compared to every other people I play with, but it makes no sense ... I'm not even playing that good atm, the game is still new, I dont't know every corner of every map, I'm dying way too fast, my ratio is just around under 1.00 ...


      I don't have any explanation for this to happen, lol.

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