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    Cross-platform question - 100 max (limited amount be increased?)

      Hello Evereyone,


      I currently did the early registration and have already transferred over my ELITE roster from PS3 BO2 to the ELITE GHOSTS roster. Currently there is a cap where you only have up to 100 members you can fit within your clan roster. I know that ELITE GHOSTS will have the capability to be cross-platform, so we are able to include XBOX, PS4, PC, etc.. players within the same ELITE GHOSTS roster. My gaming community comprises of both PS3 players and XBOX players. Our current PS3 to ELITE GHOTST roster is already at 91. My xbox elite roster has around 40 players which I have no invited to the ELITE GHOSTS roster yet. Does that mean I won't be able to include everyone in the ELITE GHOSTS clan I just created because of the limitation of 100 players in the roster?


      If anyone has information on this please clarify.

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