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        20. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

        I fell into a 16 person free-for-all lobby once back on MW2. That was truly EPIC! If these lobbies can be hacked to do this I don't see why they don't just put them in the game, obviously it can be done with little to no noticeable difference. But then again MW2 was just an awesome game period, I doubt Ghosts can handle it, they are already regretting full 1080p for all frame drops, flat left it at 720p on xbox because of all the choppiness. It surprises me to find so many people can play this game without even noticing a full 2 seconds of lag. Just goes to show how deceived COD players have become after all the lag that got dropped in between MW3 and BO2. Honestly Wolfenstein on a 9600baud modem off of a floppy disk has less lag than Ghosts on 50meg dedicated. It's ridiculous!

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          21. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

          have to disagree with you. I've been on the loosing side with the lag compensation with MW3 and BO2. Ghosts has been way more consistent than any call of duty I've noticed. I run 50 up, 15 down, and have a 11 average ping. Its the fastest internet where I live. If i didn't mess around playing against my buddies clan so much when this game first dropped I would easily be over a 2.0 K/D(currently 1.2 up from a .5 and rising) Hit detection is on point, accurate players like myself have a distinct advantage. Yea, your always going to drop into that one lobby where your feet feel like they're in the mud, but i have notice it is way better than previous COD's. Try to make sure your matched up with local people, that will help you out unless your running scrub internet. Dedicated servers would eliminate this as the server would be the host and you would get matched with local people. But as usual IW has failed to deliver. 

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            22. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

            Actually no, when I mentioned dumbing down the graphics to 720p on the xbox because of how lagged the game was I was talking about xbox one. It can't handle this game either, too choppy. They went 1080p on the PS4, but are regretting it because it was too is laggy there as well. So it's not the hardware it's the CODE. If the next gen consoles can't handle it then the frame drops on PS3 at 1080p and xbox at 1080p are obviously ridiculous.


            Try google "xbox one 720p ghosts framerate" you'll see I'm not making this stuff up. If you've been playing FPS games since the  early 90's you know all that matters is FPS (frames per second) in FPS (first-person shooters). Lag means you died last night, just didn't know until this morning when you read your own obituary over coffee then poof magically lag comp teleports you back to bed in a fantastical killcam where you watch your life slip slowly away...

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              23. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

              Yeah, it's enjoyable "SOME" games when the lag is on my side for the PS3. I even go positive with knives and pistols only, but then I realized how unfair it was. Some games I could run up and stab a dog in the back, other games I'd be watching it run towards another player trying to chase it down, then poof, inst-a-death. In the killcam my teammate was already dead, the dog had time to turn, run a ways, then jump at me. That never happened on my screen, even as I fall to the ground the dog is looking the other way running towards my teammate which was still standing.


              So I rented the xbox version and the lag is outright ridiculous, never positive, complete silliness, some were 53-2 while I was like 5-32 even when I tried hard, and that was 3rd place, sad really. Maybe the gigabit modem on the xbox one will help, could be why the PS3 does better since it's gigabit already, but I blame the player database mostly, free online play on the PlayStation means more players thus better lobbies and more local hosts, but xbox's pay to play gold makes any lobby hard to find, if you do find one you fall in to a terrible one after it searches forever. Then tack on the frame drops and you've built yourself a Lag City.

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                24. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                Not sure you should be giving yourself the pat on the back just yet, the game is unfair as it stands, "guaranteed", oh and i don't camp, just know unfair gunfights are rife, again.


                Too many wtf and bs moments, not saying the game is bad, just want a position on a scale of amount is all.

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                  25. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                  I've gotten hit with this the past 2 days.


                  No changes what-so-ever in my network set-up, or stress on my network.


                  Had a game last night were I got 3 hitmarkers on a dude, and somehow I just died instantly.

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                    26. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                    Yea, because in Bad Oops2 it was great being on a 4bar connection that felt like 1bar..

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                      27. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                      owiseguyo wrote:


                      I started playing COD in COD2. Every year its the same thing on these forums. Players complaining that they are getting pwned and blaming the game mechanics. Every COD that has been released has been different and the same in many ways. But the good players will always be good and the bad will always be bad.


                      In my case, ive held a 4.0+ KDR in every title dating back to mw2. BO2 was my best game so far ending on a 4.48. In ghosts, Im 4k-5K kills in and almost have a 3.0KDR already. This game has a very easy learning curve compared to black ops 2. I cant wait for 9v9 to come though. its gonna be epic.

                      Fair play, i also started on cod 2, the difference nowadays is the people who take care of their connections and take pride in optimising it to enhance their experience may as well not bother, this game is not as bad as the last three but still too many encounters that are best forgotten or else rage will follow.


                      Never in cod 2, cod 4, waw and mw2 did i experience near as many wtf situations, i am all for the concept of level playing field, man that makes my mouth water, but it just hasn't been of late and neither is this game. To say that the people who complain are bad is a little off if i'm honest.

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                        28. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                        2 seconds? Lmfao... where are you gaming from? Cambodia on some jimmy-rigged dial-up???

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                          29. Re: People aren't as good as they think they are and it shows

                          I have to agree that this game was a rude awakening for many players that have become accustom to games like BO2. In fact, if a players first introduction to CoD was BO2, I can feel their pain.


                          As for me, I am pleasantly surprised with what Ghosts did. I was hoping CoD would return to WW2 and bring back that WaW feeling. I somehow get that with Ghosts. And Its IW that did it. I'm astonished.


                          Good stuff.

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