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        As long as she is showing a ton of cleavage I don't care, lol. Yeah I don't we are going to get the cape and stocking but maybe something scarlet with some big curls.

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          I think it's time to revive this thread since AoU is about to really ramp up the filming soon!  In an interview with IGN, Scarlet talks about how Natasha's past will be further explored in Avengers 2 and "All of these characters have deep, dark pasts, and I think that the past catches up to some of us a little bit."  There have been rumors before of the Masters of Evil showing up and that quote kinda supports that theory.  Maybe Ultron hacks into all of their SHIELD files and contacts some of the Avenger's enemies from the past to form the Masters of Evil to assist him.  They could do Red Guardian for Natasha, Swordsman for Clint, Abomination for Hulk, maybe Justin Hammer or the real Mandarin for Tony, Executioner for Thor, Zemo for Cap, etc.  Whedon has said before that this will be more personal than the first Avengers and bringing in some of their past enemies would fit that.  It'd make for a really big cast though.

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            Sounds like some cool possibilities!  I don't know if I see that many villains showing up (and I kinda hope we don't see Justin Hammer ever again), but having their pasts come back to haunt them would totally be cool.  I wonder how much room they'll have for Ultron if they had a whole Masters of Evil team.  And I wonder how introducing Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver fits into a movie where their pasts are catching up to them.  You'd think the two of them have to play some kinda big role in the movie, but I'm not sure how they connect with this or Ultron as the main villain. 

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              You might want to avoid watching the credits for the Mandarin one-shot then, haha.  Justin Hammer makes a surprise cameo.  Yeah, you don't want to take the focus off Ultron, who's such a cool villain.  But I think if they pick the right villains they could do it.  Someone like Executioner isn't the most compelling villain, ya know, but he's a good physical match for Thor, since he can't just manhandle him.  Ultron could just end up hijacking a bunch of Iron Man armors and robots though, haha.  Yeah, all we know is that they're with Von Strucker, but I think he's only gonna be in the first ten minutes.  Seems like they'll be bad guys at first before switching sides.  And I completely forget we have Vision too!  There's really a lot of possibilities of what we could get.

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                No!  Not more Justin Hammer! haha, I just wasn't a fan of him in Iron Man 2.  He felt like he was supposed to be some kinda comic relief villain, but he wasn't really that funny.  I guess I could see someone like Executioner working, but some of the others might need to be explained a bit more like Red Guardian.  Though I'd really rather see Executioner not show up until they team him up with Enchantress for a Thor movie or something.  It'd be fun to have them fight tons of supervillains instead of a bunch of generic aliens, though, so I'd be happy to see them fight something like a Masters of Evil.  I totally forgot about Vision, too! haha, I guess there's just too many awesome characters to keep track of them all! 

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                  More filming is underway in Italy!  Set pics have surfaced of a snowy fort with military extras firing at something.  There's also fake stores with vaguely Russian/eastern European writing on signs and Renner, Olsen, and Taylor-Johnson are in town for the filming!  The first thing that jumped to my mind was Mount Wundagore, which is where Wanda and Pietro grew up in the comics.  Maybe it's where they could be living at the start of Avengers 2 with Strucker or a place they go to seek sanctuary from Ultron.  I guess it could just be an old Hydra base or something, man, it would be so cool if it is Wundagore!  Hopefully we'll soon see some pics of Clint and the twins in their costumes!

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                    Sorry, it's not Wundagore.  It's Trevor's winter home. 


                    It definitely sounds like it's gotta be somehow related to Wanda and Pietro, since they grew up on that kinda area.  I'm glad they're doing that, since I heard rumors about them making them be from England or something instead.  Also, it's interesting that Renner's there with them, since it must mean he plays into what's going on with them at first. 

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                      So I am back,


                      Read through the thread and for Hawk's Master of Evil theory we would have heard a lot more casting news I would think and that stuff is hard to keep under wraps. It seems to me we may get some of BW past coming up to bite them and maybe a past villain, I don't know. Ultron hacking IM's armor seems more plausible, but really I am kind of glad to be in the dark.

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                        Set pics are out of Hawkeye and the twins!


                        So, no luck on a new costume for Clint.  It's the same costume from the first Avengers with some very minor changes - the SHIELD logo is gone (yay!), the quiver is thinner, and it looks like he has something latched onto his boot.  It looks exactly the same outside of that.  Same color, same visible zipper, same arm guard. etc.  Maybe if we're lucky Tony will give the team official Avenger costumes late on in the movie, but I aint really holding my breath.  On the good side, Clint is interacting with people that aren't Natasha!  We clearly see him fighting side by side with Wanda and the two of them helping escort scared civilians to safety.  Hopefully he gets to crack a few jokes!


                        Quicksilver looks awesome!  He has the white "lightning" marks on the side of his shirt and his hair is silver!  Not wild about the beard though, looks out of place, especially with it being Aaron's natural brown.  I'm a bit surprised by how much negativity is surrounding him.  Quicksilver was always going to be a challenge to adapt since his costume is one solid blue jumpsuit with a lightning mark on it and I think they did a great job.  Especially compared to X-Men's QS where he has this ugly dark grey hair, goggles, and the awful gaudy jacket.  I can't remember Pietro ever looking like that while AoU's Pietro looks distinctly like QS.


                        As for Wanda, I'm liking the real costume much more than the concept art.  The white in the concept art didn't work so I'm happy to see Olsen wear black, kinda channeling the X-Men Evolution look.  I still wish she had a longer jacket and curly hair, but it's better than the concept art and hair is kinda wavy.  I also like the necklaces she's got on, kinda invoking her Roma adopted parents.


                        Ultron....kinda looks bad.  Obviously it's just a stand in, but the face just doesn't look like Ultron.  The eyes look too human and there's no big ominous red mouth.  Given how awesome and easy to adapt the classic Ultron appearance is, I don't get why they would mess with it.  The whole thing just seems too over-designed.  Too many unnecessary lines and grooves while missing the recognizable Ultron face.  Let's hope that aint the final design.

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                          I think they pretty much nailed Wanda's look, aside from the lack of curly hair.  It really is kinda X-Men Evolution-like and has the feel of a Scarlet Witch costume without being the old stockings and cape thing because we knew that wasn't going to happen.  She even has some kinda impractical high heels. 


                          Pietro's costume is pretty solid, if not as good as Wanda's.  The goatee seems off because I've never seen Pietro with any kind of facial hair, but he has the lightning and the silver hair, so I'm happy with that.


                          It's disappointing to see Clint didn't get anything new, but it'll be awesome to see him interacting with Wanda and Pietro and maybe getting a little time in the spotlight there.  I really hope he gets to have an actual sense of humor in this movie, now that he isn't being mind-controlled or anything. 


                          I agree that Ultron doesn't look how I hoped he would, mainly since I want the ant-head.  I get that he isn't made by Hank anymore, but the ant-head just looks so cool.  I'm sure it'll look better than it does in the final movie, but the design isn't reallyi classic Ultron. 

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