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    Is it just me?....


      Let me start off by saying that I'm not complaining, just asking...

      So far, I seem to suck at this game. I like the game better than BO2 and the maps are ok, but for some reason, I can't do well at all. I've been playing Team Deathmatch and can't even get a kill streak going. I seem to get shot in the back ALL the time. In every match I seem to end up with an even K/D ratio because as soon as I make a kill, someone is right behind me shooting me in the back. Anyone else seeing this?


      Also, I seem to lose every head-to-head encounter. If I turn a corner and another player is facing me. We both raise our guns, and I die. This happens, I know, but not every time. Every single time I die. Maybe my aim is off? Not sure. You?



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          hey im prestige 1 , these tips may help you out ,  when going around corners ads even if theres only a 5% chance of an enemy being there , in this cod 90% of the time the first person to pull up there gun first wins the battle , also move about as much as possible and try to keep your back to walls, takes a while before you automatically do it but its a trick ive came across in this game , hope this helps you out ,

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              To add to this post, OP, maybe try using the ARX rifle for bit. It has awsome hip fire accuracy and it's pretty good at range, especially if you use the muzzle attachment. This will help the engagment part but also move around the map tactically. Don't just run across area because they are "convenient" because those are most highly watched areas. I do this all the time and it works for me.

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              You're not alone im the exact same, cant seem to get going at all.

              Sometimes i will have a really good game but 90% of the time i'll get an even kd or worse.

              Just got to keep going i guess.

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                I think BO2 was so frantic that it taught everyone to run around like chickens with their heads cut off - I do best when I slow it down move from cover to cover.  If you aim down sights all the time like I do - I highly recommend the "Quick Draw" Perk for winning those head to head gun battles. Also I'd stick to the Assault Rifles because of the large map sizes - I haven't had much luck with SMG's.

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                  That's because the aim assist in this game sucks and the spawns in team games act like deathmatch random spawns.

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                    This game definitely requires a more cautious approach versus a mad rush to everywhere.

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                      Yes. I hate the spawning specially when your enemy spawns right in your back and kills you before you even get one step

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                        you need to get used to this game a little more then previous titles, because in this hit detection actually works and the maps are bigger so more of a tactical approach is needed rather then running everywhere like a headless chicken



                        1. stay closer to the outer of the map less likely you will die from the back

                        2. pre-aim around corners

                        3. stay on your toes, the spawns are currently out of control, they are looking into this, but till then expect an enemy to pop out of nowhere

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                          it depends on the perks your character is using. Some players has the QUICK DRAW perk ON w/c will beat you all the time. Also, that/those players may be equipped w/ Ballistic vest (provided by their teammates.

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                            no you're not alone.had same problem but had to change tactic and way I played.dropped first kem shortly after.

                            I'd say as other have to ads around corners all the time,especially with stalker.Also always use specialists so that your kills stack on each other. Lastly stop playing tdm and play a mode like blitz or Dom where the spawns are SLIGHTLY better(spawns are atrocious in this game) so that you have a general idea where people will be.

                            One more thing,because the spawns are so bad just assume that once you kill someone there will be 2 more so hold off on reloading if possible.


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                              your getting shot int he back alot because of the spawns.. I like the game, and I am doing pretty well in it but the spawns need work, not to mention, some people are getting shot int he back because others havent gotten use to the maps, so they are still a bit campy

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                                Yes, I have the same problem, skill, perks, and strategies don't matter, all that matters is lag.


                                If you think 1 to 1 gun battles are bad, even shooting people in the back is impossible. I'll see some doof's back as he's standing in a window looking out to snipe, run up and think, I'll stab him in the back, that'll teach him a lesson not to camp windows, then poof I'm dead, no red, he doesn't turn or anything I'm just plain alive then dead so I get to see my body fall to the back of his feet while he's still ADS'd in the window. Then in the killcam something totally different happens, he turns around, runs up to me, and stabs me. So lag is all that matters, in most cases a full 1-2 seconds of frames gets completely dropped from this game.


                                The frame drops on this game are complete trash, I'd rather play DOOM from a floppy disk on a 14.4k modem thank you!


                                Yes, my nat is open, my ports forwarded, DMZ, fixed ip, priority high, I have a gaming router and extreme cable modem. Those of us who have been playing games since Heretic, Doom, even Unreal know lag when we see it. The lag in Ghosts is a joke. If you're good at this game, think again, it's just your location in relation to the other players. Come to my house and play me local, I'll show you who's good!

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                                  Plus alot of players with fast connections are still suffering from a few milliseconds behind the action crap mostly UK players.... The Insta death crap still happening and ruining my game play.....just preying this will disappear or be better on ps4.......