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    No aim assist on DA controller?

      I happened to play Ghosts online earlier using a DA controller. The aim assist is enabled under settings but I noticed that my sight don't lock on target. I got a Youtube video of it. As usual, I didn't noticed any lag on the game. Not really sure why it's laggy for some.


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          The AA is still there. Plus you don't even know AA for controllers smh no offense just correcting you, but DA's never had Lock on/ADS Snap like wii remote did. Only WIi remote has that since its motion controlled, and its a bit harder to aim. But DA's have AA Tug. ADS and Hip Fire tug AA. And I still feel lt when after the patch. On BO2 it was so strong, it drags the cursor towards the enemy, when you don't even expect it.

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            Aim assist isn't suppose to lock on and it doesn't unless the sight may be centimeters off the player t might slowly drag over but there is no lock and never has been. The main affect from AA is the slowing down of sensitivity when you aim around a target which is needed because the lack of precision DA has in terms of FPS.


            People that say it has a lock on because they just want to hate out of ignorance while using wii remote because they don't want to get killed by something they don't understand. Same goes for the DA who complain about wii remote which you can find all over Miiverse. People say that Wii remotes free aim makes it uber 1337 OP which is just their excuse to hate on something that they don't understand. Why have people been persecuted for their religious beliefs and various other things through out time? Because people hate out of ignorance  which led to many violent thing such as mass killings and what not.


            As for people wanting things to be balanced the wii remoters say for things to be fair they say both controllers shouldn't have AA which is completely false. I think most of them know that it is false they just want to have the advantage like people that always had host in Reflex. I'm not saying there needs to be massive amounts of AA like in BO2 because I feel like anyone in that game could aim, but there does need to be some so it can have the same amount of precision wii remote has.


            Sorry for the little rant.


            I'm just sick and tired off all the b****ing and moaning over each controller.

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              On the video I made you see me aiming but the reticule just pass the target like nothing to assist in my aim, no pulling or anything.   Anyway, next time I make another video I'll try to edit it & run it on slow motion. I'll see if there's really an aim assist there cuz I'm not feeling it. I'm new to DA controller so maybe it's because of this but we'll see.

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                I think the scope you're using in the video doesn't have AA, even pre-patch. Try again with red dot and you should notice a difference.

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                  The AA is fine for me, this is your problem. Try fixing your settings, something must be off, since I'm not experiencing any issues with DA AA. It's weaker than in BO2, but sttill noticeable.