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    Fix Wiimote Sniping

           I have just made this account so I could address this issue since it has bothered me for a long, long time, and I really hope a dev fixes this. As you can tell from the title, it's wiimote sniping.

           So I've been playing the Nintendo side of the CoD scene since Modern Warfare: Reflex, and at a later date even got World at War - which for some reason actually had the best wiimote sniping to date - and something that never really felt natural or right about wiimote controls in any game was sniping (using the regular scope). Myself and various other wiimote users love using this awesome controller, as it provides for fluid, responsive and far more realistic controls than any other, but unfortunately wiimote sniping is the complete opposite of this, it's clunky, slow and very unresponsive, many might even deem it unusable, I for one can't consistently get a 1.0 KD and I snipe alot with the wiimote while most DA users can absolutely destroy me sniping wise.


           Personally,I would suggest a new control method for wiimote sniping that would feel like DA sniping. What I mean by this is how responsive and easy it is to use snipers, how you can actually reposition your aim while scoping in, while with the wiimote as soon as you press the ads button you can't turn and reposition your aim on a running target. This makes quickscoping, which is very easy to do with DA, almost impossible with the wiimote other than on stationary enemies. Another one of the biggest flaws of the current sniping settings is how when you scope in with pointer settings it starts out slowly and then the speed gradually gets higher, that makes it very hard to control and just overall it's unnecessary. Having the turning speed stay the same during the whole time you're dragging the scope makes it far more comfortable and accessible. There's still many other personal irks with the current wiimote sniping method but these are just the biggest ones I would love to get fixed, I have so much fun using the wiimote but when I'm sniping I can rarely keep up with the enemy team and and end up going negative and I would very much enjoy using the actual reg scope instead of having to stick with acog (which I hate).


          Leave your opinions below on other issues you'd like to see addressed on wiimote sniping, let's get this noticed.