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    Clan App Bug and Founder's Patch

      So there are bugs in the app. It would be great to have updates on when this will be addressed.


      Our clan currently shows 20 members in the roster, including 1 person who was kicked out. But about 1/2 of those clan members are members only on the app. Within the game, they are unable to access the clan tag, or any of the clan unlocks we've achieved so far. They do not show up on the in-game list of clan members section (between 'friends' and 'recently met gamers').  Furthermore, when I click on their names in the app, it is another member's profile that opens up.


      Can you please let us know if this is being fixed?


      I am an Elite founder, and the founder patch is not in my game, or in many of the other founder gamers in our clan.


      Is there a fix for this?


      Thank you kindly,




      SuB1GaMiNg PS3 clan

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