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    Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

      In case that this post belongs to a topic, that already exists, please move it there and do not delete it. It is very important.

      I also have to point out, that I am from Germany and my English is not completely perfect


      First of all: Thank you for the Patch. Some of the fixes are really useful and necessary Good Job


      Unfortunately there is one fix, that demonstrates a big problem with the motion control scheme, which actually exists longer than Ghosts does.


      Patchnotes say: Disabled Wii Remote Aim Assist in Public Playlists due to an unfixed exploit reported by the community


      Now, we have to go back in time for some years. I've been playing Call of Duty on Nintendo Concoles since World at War and I plan to continue, but with problems like this it is really hard to do that.

      In all the Call of Duty Games for the Nintendo Wii ( World at War, Modern Warfare Reflex, Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3 ) there has never been any issue concerning the controls, in specific the aim assist.

      These games run in 30 FPS and the players bought and liked the game because of the motion controls. There were very less players that used the Classic Controller. And that is just natural, because the console is set out for this playstyle.


      Again: WE bought Call of Duty Games for Wii because of the controls ! We could have better graphics, more fps and other stuff, but we wanted motion control. We supported COD on Wii for years.


      Then last year the WiiU launched and everything changed in an instant. Of course, due to the new possibility of the Gamepad and the WiiU Pro Controller there was a right for players to use this controls. A lot of NEW players joined the field, coming from other consols. Of course they use this control type. But something changed. Black Ops 2 was HD and run with 60 FPS. For us Wii COD players this was a complete new experience. Double frames means a lot in terms of motion controls. The game was way more smooth and faster than before and it should be. But as well the chance to hit an enemy properly was decreased by that. And that is just natural as well. Motion Controls are handled with our HANDS – of course. Nobody can hold their hand completely stiff. And that is a major difference to the Dual Analog Players. They have ste stiff Sticks.

      And they now had this AimAssist on their hand as well. Wiimote Players had a clear disadvantage.
      Despite some patches this issue was never really solved, and a lot of Wiimote Players were disappointed in Black Ops 2. They set their hopes on Ghosts.

      Now there it is: Call of Duty Ghosts … and the Aim Assist problem seemed to be gone. The AA for DA users was a bit smaller than in BO2 and AA for Wiimote users nearly the same, in fact a bit more intense ( but as I said this is just fitting because it is motion control on 60 FPS )

      Some people on this forum, complained about this. I can not understand why, becauce DA users don’t have a disadvantage because of that. No EXPLOIT at all. The controls were balanced good imo but there is this patch now.

      I have to say that is a slap in the face of all wiimote users, who AGAIN support this franchise for years and are the heart and soul of COD on Nintendo consoles. For BO2 wiimote players complained about the aa problems all the time – nothing properly happened. Now just two weeks after release of Ghosts there is a patch, because THE COMMUNITY reported an exploit. Sorry guys, but this is clearly not the case. The community, which I represent is shocked about this. There are some people out there, very active on this forum, who can’t or don’t want to understand where wiimote users are coming from. Years of entertainment with COD motion controlled. This is inacceptable.

      I understand, that there are problems with acog and sniping. You can fix that. But you should not take away aim assist completely from the wiimote . The game is unplayable in terms of competition. Now wiimote players have a clear disadvantage and NOW there is an EXPLOIT.

      And I have to say this again: Wiimote Players play COD on Wii(U) because of the motion controls. Everything else you can get on other consols, but motion controls is a WiiU thing. You are taking this away from us with patches like that or unfair balancing like in BO2. I know plenty of long time wiimote players who switched to DA controls because they could not compete wit wiimote at all.

      I am very sad and mad about this situation and plenty of other players out there ( in fact not really active or even aware of this forum ) feel the same.

      DA users don’t have a disadvantage against wiimote players with AA enabled.

      Wiimote players have a clear disadvantage against DA users with AA disabled

      Who are the players that bought the COD game in 2008? 2009? 2010? 2011? Yes, Wiimote players.

      I am happy that there are new players with the DA controls. But they can not have an advantage



      You listen to the community, I know that. So listen up now and hear what we are saying. This is not a complaint from one particular player. This represents all Wiimote players out there.


      Please fix that as soon as possible


      Thank you

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          Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

          Well thought out post, but you missed one criteria for AA being removed:


          Is it a good business decision for them to remove AA from DA as well since they have a bigger fan base on the Wii U? I mean, if you're going to make people mad, why make everyone mad?


          I don't like it either, but I understand their decision. I just hope they fix the game to be playable - less frame rates, optimize network code to decrease lag, sane spawn logic, something.

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            Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

            Well said and thumbs up for great grammar and spelling in what is your second language as this is a very important aspect of the wii u community. In my case  if aim assist isn't restored i will  definitely get rid of my wii u  as the mote and the ability to play cod with it was the only reason i purchased it....this is such a slap in  the  faces of  players like you and me who have supported the franchise on the wii  to the wii u since day one.. Heres a THOUGHT  peeps  think its hard getting a game now apart from TDM ... if a lot of us mote users leave this game imagine the size of the community then .

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              Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

              Agreed instead of infighting this small community should stick together and support all the different options to play this game which makes the wii u imo the best and most interesting way to FPS ,but have u noticed om mii verse there's a  hell of lot of hate for wii mote users.

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                Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

                I agree with this especially when you mentioned CoD on Wii. And that's the main reason why we bought the game: for wii remote. DA's were added as an alternative on BO1 with the CCP. But you don't have to make more threads of the issue. ITS ONLY TEMPORARY because of the ACOG exploit. They said they are going to bring back the AA and fix it. Great grammar for a bilingual speaker. You made some great points.

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                    Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

                    Y'all made great points. This community will be nothing without wii remote players. Even when i play at midnight there is only 500+ players online, imagine without wii remotes. I am happy to hear a fix is coming because i was planning on trading in this game next week. Acog snipers were a huge problem but seperating the community more is not a well thought out solution. If anything they should have disabled the acog scope on snipers. A lot of people say your a noob if u need aim assist. I don't need aim assist i still pull 2.0 games without it, i jus dont do as good as i should because of the difference in aim time in an mid to long range encounter against a DA AA player. Its just not balanced if one has it and not the other, its not being biased, its logic and common sense. Something slowly becoming extinct.

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                    Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

                    Except wiimote AA never properly worked, it was completely random and broken...heck, it wasn't even aim assist, it was a FREAKING SNAP ON. Sure, it worked like 17% of the time when standing completely still, but when it did work...it snapped on and FOLLOWED the player. Literal aimbot.

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                      Re: Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

                      long range fights are downright unfair now.
                      wiimote aim flys over the target while DA stays nice and steady.


                      i play ghosts since release and convinced a lot people to come back fo wiimote control
                      they were perfect. only because of that stupid acog bug the whole thing got gimped.


                      if no one had AA no problem, but we fighting now against accurate long range fighters versus
                      natural shaky wiimote without any help. i play COD since World at War so does Dazran, MrZombee and other
                      Wiimote Player. The Control Sheme made us FPS believers. Black Ops2 was bad for us and Ghost turned bad right now.


                      no one can tell me otherwise. yesterday i won 90% of long range battles with ironsights
                      today my quote went down half of what it used to be. close combat and middle range is ok'ish
                      but if the enemy snakes i have to follow him and miss sometimes, if i snake against da who aim down the sights at me
                      it doesnt matter...he always gets the kill. And i really tried Today even against favourite enemy clans
                      that were no problem in ghosts before we lose now.


                      im so dissapointed right now, because we had the perfect game delivered to the fans since hour 1
                      and now this awesome present wwas taken away. i fear that we either get no assist back or something
                      gimped that Trearch thinks it would be ok without testing it.


                      NO HATE ON TREYARCH, but i really have to wonder if you guys even test out new Wiimote
                      controls, and if you do. do you play against each other? somebody should have noticed the

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