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        W_E_A_P_0_N_11_ wrote:


        i actually love the game!, but I do notice a fair amount of campers.. I am thinking it is because people do not know the maps and knwo how to predict enemy movement yet, but it can be frustrating.. i think the maps a great, as long as everyone is moving, and when everyone is, its a very fun experience

        This is true, the amount of stagnant players is obvious, but that's whats funny they are stagnant, someone moving is much more difficult to beat than the one staying still. Good response.

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          I think that the problem is the lack of showers in the maps.  Nobody wants to be considered the "dirty camper".  So if we just get some working showers installed, maybe just maybe we can make a distinguishment between the dirty and the clean campers.  The showers need to include soap/shampoo but if you want body spray or hair conditioner you'll need to spend a squad point.  Seems fair to me.

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            When I get called a Camper playing this game it's because I'm Camping. I've been called it about 5,100 times and have said it 1,400 times so far...LOL!!!

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              HAHAHA brilliant!

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                Izjar11 wrote:




                I enjoy this game (allot) its fun, entertaining, difficult, chaotic and better than previous titles. I want everyone who reads this to understand that.


                Now, the more I read and debate with those who feel differently two words are always thrown into the same sentence: Lag and camping.


                Is it coincidence that the players who do not like the game, complain about lag and camping at the same time? I mean its curious, almost every response you read or get its, I hate it because of lag or camping.


                This is not new, of course but until now I'm realizing they focus on those two words.


                So my question: What is the relation between the two? Why do the "un-happy" players defend their threads, posts by stating the two?


                Is this the norm or an excuse?


                People have complained about the connection as long as i can remember, me included. Earlier on it was the host advantage, and the past few years the falsely accused lag compensation. Like Beastlydude said, the legitimate complaints about lag probably usually are due to the person either having a less than optimal connection, or they live in a region where the current netcode and matchmaking does not return desired results. I'm the latter, as i live in Finland and i have a decent connection but find myself playing in lobbies with Spanish and French players all the time, and used to have a better connection on average in the older games.


                People have reported that they constantly get a horrible connection in certain titles no matter what they do, and i believe in some cases this is true. MW3 was one of those games for me during it's year. But there are a lot of excuses too, that probably originate from people getting outplayed due to poor map knowledge and awareness of what's happening around them, as well as inferior aim and reaction time.


                Whenever a new title is released, some people are blaming the connection as the reason they are doing significantly worse than in the previous games, which can also be true but i'm guessing a good part of these complaints are from wreckless players that had the connection working in their favor in the past. They got additional reaction time and were able to sponge bullets which resulted in them winning gunfights they should've lost.


                And sometimes people don't even understand the game well enough to blame the connection, just earlier on this week i was in a full party where i only knew 1 of the guys, and some people in that party were calling out some of our enemies for cheating because we were getting bad hit detection on them while sniping.....


                As far as camping goes, many people use it as an excuse for their own poor performance because they refuse to adapt to the enemies playstyle. There is the type that sits ADSing in a corner all game long and that guy might get you once or twice but generally speaking those players are the easiest kills you ever get as long as you check your corners. It can be hard in some cases to go against a team of defensive players that know what they are doing, but if you keep feeding them easy kills it's on you.


                Probably the most common scenario is someone accusing the enemy of camping if they get killed by someone who is not running in the open while they are making themselves easy targets by the way they choose to play the game. I've heard people crying out camper every time they die and continue to do that in the lobby after the game, and personally didn't witness one person doing that for the duration of the whole game. I'm not saying K/D is an accurate measure of skill, but based on my experience the people who use this excuse the most are the ones who usually die more than they are able to kill, or the ones who are wreckless and can pull off a positive result solely based on better reaction time (and / or connection) whenever they are facing enemies that play the same way.


                There also is a relation between the connection and playing extremely defensive, if i'm getting delayed hitmarkers or consistently start loosing gunfights that i clearly should've won for example, i will take things a lot more slower than i normally would because i really don't see the point in trying to be aggressive and constantly dying due to a poor connection. I'm pretty sure a part of the community do not recognize a bad connection and especially do not try to adapt to it, and although i've had plenty of games where the connection is really that bad that i cannot fight back, in most cases both are excuses that a large portion of the community accepts without any questioning.

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                  Im a decent COD gamer MW2 was my first FPS besides battle field 2 on comp. MW2 was learning KD was 1.2 I loved the game. Black ops had a few profiles between 2.1 an 3 KD, MW3 about the same and dropped a ton of MOAB s. black ops 2 around the same. I enjoy all games. Campers don't matter normally kill them any way but they are annoying and that's the way ppl play. Now COD ghost .... I really enjoyed the first 2 days maps guns no lag was awesome. Patch 1.03 came out now I have crazy shuttering and lag it's ******* annoying. My Internet is awesome. 113 down 2.42 up 8 ms ping 2 ms line jitter. It's not an excuse it's a stuff up in the game.

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                    Today I had horrible connections pretty much every match, and I am comfortable admitting I camped my socks off as a consequence.  I did okay, and even went 10-0 and 15-0.  But I play domination and killing isn't the aim (although too many seem to think it is).  I really struggled to go capping today.  When that happens all you can do is make the best of it.  Before today the connections have been pretty good, not perfect, but good enough.  Hopefully today was just a blip.

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                      There is lagg in this game.

                      more often then not what i see on my screen aint the same as what the kill cam shows.

                      not a big deal though as it has been the case since BO and it isent as worse as BO2.

                      good hit detection at least makes it more tolerable.

                      camping imo is not an issue at all.

                      danger close + grenade launcher solves it most of the time or you could always use that motion sensor scope or heat detection scope to pick out campers.


                      what amases me the most is that not many people talk about the worst respawns i have ever seen in a COD game.

                      with maps of this size respawns should not have been an issue but jezus christ they are really terrible.

                      if people feel the need to ***** about this game i only take them seriously if they mention the spawn points.

                      if you dont complain about that you are just making excuses about why you suck IMO lol.

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                        OK, I  need to get this straight.  This year are we supposed to complain about having host or not having host?  Also, should I complain about having high speed internet?  This is really troubling me.
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                          no idea about host but a fast internet is certainly not working in my favour.

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