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    Will the Xbox 360 be supported even throughout next gen in CoD ghosts?

      You see I am not the richest person in the world and I am struggling right now so it may be a year before I can upgrade to next gen but no need for sob stories there are people worse off than me.

          My question is will CoD ghosts be supported in everyone's opinions? I have a VERY bad feeling that with the launch of next gen consoles they will combat the hacked leaderboards and hackers and glitches on there and the hackers will stay prevalent on the Xbox 360, the reason I worry is I paid full price for the game knowing one thing, yes I will get slightly worse graphics than next gen ghosts and next gen ghosts will have more players but when you release a full price game for both current gen and next gen they should show equal support it seems people like me will be forgotten even though the majority of the cod community will be on current gen for quite a while a very poor move. I don't know how they will support next gen but that is why I made this thread for you guys to speculate do you think current gen and next gen should receive equal support and do you think that current gen will or wont get the same support? 

         Please all think about this carefully I for one would find it outrageous if current gen was poorly supported compared to next gen we paid for the game too!

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