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    When DLC is Released, Will...

      When new DLC is released for Extinction, because they are chapter 2 and chapter 3, no doubt, will that mean we have to complete "Point of Contact" in order to play those, do you think?


      It makes sense that we will need to, I understand that completely, however, I really hope it isn't the case especially if I buy it.


      Though with that said, I just had a game where only one out of 4 of us got tot he helicopter, the other 3 of us (me included) were needing to be revived. It said "mission accomplished", so would that count as "completing" for the above, if the above (new DLC > in chapter order) is the case?



      I know nobody will know for sure, however, what do you all think?




      Ok ignore this now, I don't need to know it now because I finally did it!

      After 6 times of being put into lobbies where my teammates wouldn't even get the first skill point (IE. for "only do melee damage" or "receive no damage"), I finally got into a good lobby where everyone knew what they were doing.


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