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    Thread Overkill!


      Is it me, or are there just too many threads on exactly the same subject.

      I used to enjoy coming here for updates, tip, reviews, etc.

      But now there is just too much cr@p to wade through, to get to the good bits.


      Some sub forums would help a lot, so all the Wiimote threads could get piled in there, and so on...

      It doesn't help that once a thread drops off the page, it has gone if using a tablet.

      Or is it just best to leave a comment on threads you are interested in, so you can track them from your home page?


      oh no, look what I've just gone and done! Started another stupid, pointless thread!! Aaaaarrrrgggghhh!!!

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          Just for future ref, if you click on your name and go into your profile, click on your name again at the top, go into inbox and activity, then click on inbox at the left side, you can bring up all the posts you've commented in. I also found a bit where you can see how many people like your posts, I have hundreds, didn't realise how popular I was