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        20. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

        wow did u really mean to come off sounding like such an arrogant pr*ck ,so by your account im a bad player as i have always had aim assist enabled, and your so great with it turned off ,but here's the kicker my KDR in all the games you have mentioned have been much higher than yours ,so with your logic this bad not real mote player with his crutch must make you a sh*tty player ...maybe you should turn it back on as those figures you know of by heart are not that great 

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          21. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

          I also noticed no change with my settings what so ever. Never use AA, ever. I just want that sway to go when you ADS, try it, stand/sit still and ADS, that sway hinders long shots, they fixed it on MW3 so it was rock steady, it would be nice if they could fix it in ghosts too..

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            22. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

            I used to be an average player at best, from W@W to MW3. Now, since the wiiu came I struggle to even be that, because of the screwy connections and the wiimote issues, and I don't care what anyone says, even though the wiimote is way better than it was with bo2, its still not right, but it is better. I've got a 0.71kdr at the moment, but it will get better. It took me months to get this kind of kdr with bo2, but I haven't had ghosts a week yet, so all in all, I've personally done better already. All this talk about who is better than who with what controller with which ever set up sounds like a bunch of kids in a playground bragging who has the best conkers in a conker fight and makes you look and sound like a spoiled bully. I've not seen you post here before with that name, but have a suspicion I know who you are, and all you've done is cause hostility. I thought I was bad with my sarcasm which most people don't understand, but you're down right hostile. I play this game for fun, purely fun, I know when I'm beat in the game and I know I'm far from the best player, but I play with the best people, to socialise and enjoy a game, and thats all there is to it. You're kdr isn't going to do you any good in real life, so whats the point of bragging about it. Some good questions need to be seen and answered in this forum, but comments like yours gets threads locked. So please, pretty pretty please, keep the hostility out. I've known Padiego for years, his sense of humour is actually quite good, and I understand when he's being a joker and when he's being serious, and in his own way, was trying to make a point. Same for me as far as this thread goes, NOTHING has changed with my game play or settings since the patch. I'm still a bad player, but nothing has got worse, so maybe he has a point, if you can't play with out your crutch, play some bots for a while and practice, its not like the AA was that good anyway..

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              23. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

              wiimoterus if i come across as hostile and sarcastic i apologize ,maybe i let myself be easily baited by the childish and arrogant post....AS SOMEONE WHO CAN ACTUALLY USE THE WIIMOTE .... as you stated maybe your  friend was just joking, trolling i don't know but statements like this don't help a already fragmented community ...and btw i have never posted here before just occasionally popped into read the forums for tips and info ,anyway as soon as my crutch is back i can piss of and leave u boys to your exclusive little boys club ,as having read the disrespect and bullying meted out to certain and new forum members,by the more prolific and prominent posters in this forum, you will certainly have no problem keeping your tight knit little gang of bullies in tact.

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                24. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                I'm feeling a 'group hug' coming on!


                Come on guys, let's all just hug this out.


                Thats it, atta boy, hug that hate away!!




                Now, doesn't that make you feel all fuzzy inside?

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                  25. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                  you arent from Oz are you mote-rage?

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                    26. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                    Whether or not a person uses aim assist has never really been an issue for me. The only times I've ever rolled my eyes or uttered a complaint was in BO2 when people would use that whole mistaken "wii remote is aimbot!" garbage when they were playing with a control type with much stronger aim assist than a wii remote. Should aim assist function differently for wii remote than duel analog? Sure. Should people have the option to turn it off and on and play however they want? Sure. Is it right to let people get used to how a controller feels and then change it every two months when they've paid the same as people using the other controller? No, it isn't. I don't think it's hypocritical to complain at all.

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                      27. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                      I'm always aim assist with wiimote, why ?

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                        28. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                        Group hugs are best.



                        Video proof incoming.

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