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        30. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

        As someone who can genuinly use the wiimote, and who has seen my own improvement thru the games lifecycle (WAW 0.6kdr, BO1 1.25kdr, MW3 1.75kdr BO2 2.25kdr (despite the awful settings in the early BO2 days) - bearing in mind im THE most objective player you`ll ever meet, I reckon thats pretty find given all the BS this game brings, and I dont try 1 bit to look after my kdr, I throw myself at flags whatever the score (according to Nintendont im a headless chicken, lol), I think ive earned the right to have my say.


        Ghosts, im level 45, had the game maybe 11 days, and my kdr is 0.82, it feels like I die CONSTANTLY whenever I ADS, it even happens in squads by bots hipfiring from 100yds away, I dont stand a chance. I barely go positive, when in other games I ALWAYS go positive. My reactions are pretty good for an old guy, but the wiimote in this game is just all over the place. Ive now reverted to hipfiring (which I hate) as its the ONLY way I can get kills. Im playing this game for challenges when im bored, and thats it, its not fun.


        Can I add the lag is THE WORST ive ever experienced, it doesnt help with the low health in the game, and im just constantly insta dying which isnt helping my gaming experience, or my state of mind about this game. UK players have it really tough, take it from me, especially given the vast majority of the playing population are based in the states, the 400 ping to those areas kills it for me, and many like me, also.

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          31. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

          I shot a guy in a roof last night and the guy raged sooooooooooooooo bad "he has OP wiiremote, so course im gona die against him" and he kept harping on all the game about how good the mote is and how bad DA players have it. Even continued in the post game lobby, despite him going 29-6 and me going 1-35!

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            32. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

            Regarding AA on the wiimote, it feels the same to me either way, always has done, its just this game , ADS doesnt work, or maybe its the lag and im already nearly dead before I fire back? Who knows anymore.

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              33. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

              It's not the wiimote being bad in this game. If anything, the wiimote in ghosts is the best we've seen so far, I would say even better than the CoDs on Wii. We have so many settings now that I wouldn't be amazed if we get a new one called "ADS sensitivity when standing still when the moon is out and the seas are rough".  However...the game itself...yeah you die fast. The headless chicken tactic that worked in past CoDs won't work here. I just had a match in Chasm where I went 35-5. How did I go 35-5 in TDM? Well...I took my time. I hugged the walls, I listened around, I checked my corners, I looked both ways before crossing the street. You have to be extremely careful in this game.

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                34. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                Yeah but one bad spawn seems to cause a whole chain reaction.  Im seeing people checkv a corner to the left, turning right and being shot from the corner they just checked. I watched an enemy spawn in HIS killcam, he ran around a corner to me spawning in floating a foot off the ground, and as I sunk to the ground he killed me. The game is broken until the spawns are fixed. Did I mention the lag?

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                  35. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                  It really does!


                  On that match on Chasm where I went 35-5, I was actually going for a KEM strike. I was 30-0(Or 30-1?) when all of a sudden my dog decided to not nom nom on the dude behind me. I guess it was my mistake for relying on Riley to cover my back(I knew there was someone behind me, I just assumed Riley would get my back). I die, I spawn and BOOM...I'm dead again. I keep spawning and dying as soon as I spawn around five times, always spawning in front of somebody. The match ended, and so did my misery. One bad spawn causes a chain of bad spawns, which causes wiimotes to be thrown.

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                    36. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                    Im also taking damage with no sound. I get a slight flinch, blood splatters across my screen, but zero audio. Its like im being shot with red paintballs, and my gawd do you tske damage quick!

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                      37. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                      Sway will not stop you acquiring long range targets. Stop being lazy ,and just adjust your sensitivities. No need to brag about never using aim assist, not everyone's a pro like you. These people logged on to sound their concerns, and they feel they're at a disadvantage so you should show some respect.  .

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                        38. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                        THISSSS SO MUCH THISSS



                        So many problems in this game, and people are focusing on something so stupid. Something that's not even a problem.

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                          39. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                          The controller debate is pointless, as neither controller is going away. Same as da aa. I use da ccp. Ive stuck up for wiimote in lobbies, miiverse etc. I want fair balanced play. The da aa is half what it was in blops2. Honestly.

                          Work on the spawns, silent bullet audio issues, and the panic knife lunging and im pretty happy. Have you noticed the lunge being a bit op with these lag issues? Im shooting people that run into my gunfire and lunge to knife me.

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