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        50. Re: Game is Awesome - Who Else loves it?

        Game is pretty good so far, other than some obvious issues (see my leaderboards ban thread). I can't say I believed the hype, but in most regards it has met my expectations and I have tried a little bit of every game mode.

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          51. Re: Game is Awesome - Who Else loves it?


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            52. Re: Game is Awesome - Who Else loves it?

            I' agree with wmpratt. It's no where near what I would call the best COD. I'm still think MW1 was the best. They've improved upon a few things, but made other things worse.



            1. Killstreaks have overall lost effectiveness and no longer are completely overpowering.

            2. The squad points a decent unlock format. They can take long, but if gives you full control over the order of unlocks.



            1. As seems to be the tend, weapons are even less effective that previous games. Some people might like this but I feel it promotes CQC combat and not longer range combat that is more strategic. Long range kills are difficult with current dmg, so people feel forced to move up close. Not the worst thing in the world but there are better ways to discourage camping imo.

            2. Maps are far too large and complicated. I can't tell you how many times I spend 3-5min just wandering around looking for enemies, or having TDM games that end with both teams barely even reaching 35kills. These maps are build for 8v8 or 10v10 minimum, not 6v6 or 4v4. Some has told me that apparently PC servers will have larger lobbies which is why they built the maps this way. My problem with this mentality is that the consolesare by far the biggest audience for this game. They should not be making design decisions off of PC. There is also far to many unnecessary obstacles and debris. So many times I spawn and don't even know where on the map I am because there are no defining features. Just random rubble everywhere. This map design leads to...

            3. The game still seems to reinforce the type of gameplay where both connections play a large role, as well as luck and snap shooting. It really boils down to who see's the other person first, plus who has the better connection. It's such a game of reflex and quick snap shooting now. Instead of a game of strategy its a game of quick drawn and chance. With so many corners, alley' and windows. Keeping streaks going is becoming increasing hard because of this fact. No matter how good you are, a bad play and still get the drop on you just form being lucky and coming from a direction where you aren't looking.

            4. Finally, the spawns are still terrible. Lots of spawn kills. I'd say about 1/10 games I have a death in which my spawn actually shows up in the kill cam.

            5. And almost forgot. The gamemodes suck. Like they really suck. Sabatage and HQ got replaced buy such gimicky game types as blitz and crank. All of these games types are totally non competitive. They all seem like party gametypes (i.e. infection), not game types for serious play. I literally have no interest in playing any other game type other that TDM and domination.

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