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        40. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

        I do. Heck, I use it to my advantage. When an enemy is at least 1 mile away from me, I just knife, because i'll lunge and dodge his bullets a-la-matrix.

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          41. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

          Respect is earned, not given.

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            42. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

            Give this man a cookie!

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              43. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

              Those who want wiimote AA say it's unfair because the DA has snap on and follow AA. That's not balance.

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                44. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                i have a 4.0 kd on reflex....sounds like i might have some fun on ghosts? lol

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                  45. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                  This post title of his is very amusing. I don't know why he thinks his opinion carries anymore weight than any other human beings. And if your going to make a post implying your an elite wii remote user king who only knows how to use it properly, at least have an elite kd. I'm not going to make a big deal out of that because skill doesn't have everything to do with your experience with a particular control setting. But I just wanted to make a minor note that you contradicted yourself with your title alone. This AA issue is more about your experience with or without AA rather than your skill with or without it, which I think is the part you have failed to grasp. So when you try to imply that your opinion weighs more because your the only one good enough to use it you've created another contradictory because there are people who's kds are higher than yours, mine included, so does that mean we have more of a say on this issue than you? Feel free to answer that if you can. Referring back to a point made earlier about your kds being better as the games progressed, that was a point that is purely subjective and not objective because my kd was 2.5 bo, 2.83 mw3, and dropped to a 2.11 bo2. Logic would tell you maybe my kd dropped in bo2 with the introduction of a stronger DA AA. But again everyone's kds were affected differently so this a poor angle to use for this AA debate. We can throw around opinions all day, but when it comes down to facts and reality there were not half as many DA vs Wii mote tension and complaints in this community before the Wii U current days of bo2 and ghosts, no debating. And in the Wii days the AA for both controllers were completely balanced. That's factual and not opinionated. Now your posting videos trying to convince to the community that wii remote AA is a exploited crutch and not a fundamental. And you state good players don't need AA. Well answer this, does a "good" player put himself at a disadvantage against the opponent? I think human logic would say no and would lean more towards a arrogant foolish player would. But your saying DA AA in ghosts is not an advantage. But the literal meaning of advantage is the state of having a favorable success, and clearly AA is not giving DA players unfavorable success. But if your saying AA is not an advantage and we know its not a disadvantage, what other word in the English language could you use?  Controller settings in a video game are in the options menu, and the literal meaning of an option is the freedom of choice not vice versa. So apply the literal definition of a elementary word to your brain so that you can realize AA should be left as an OPTION of the player's discretion. 

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                    46. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                    you overthought this way too much, fella. And you took his comments way out of context...


                    he never claimed he was an elite wiimote user, he just said he was pretty darn good with it (which he is).


                    Also, since when did he say his opinion was better than everyone else's? I don't see that anywhere in this thread?


                    so, yeah. chill out, or do whatever you need to to calm the eff down because you went way overboard here..

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                      47. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                      Padiego wrote:


                      It's not the wiimote being bad in this game. If anything, the wiimote in ghosts is the best we've seen so far,

                      I really have to disagree with you here, because the wiimote is far from the best, unless you mean on the WiiU? It will never be the same as it was from W@W to MW3 while treyarch have anything to do with it. They really need a decent wiimoter to do their testing, not some wiimote part timer who grew up with DA's..

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                        48. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                        So, to summarise. What are we concluding here? Is AA a crutch or not?

                        Because if it is, I'm going out on a limb here and say ' well I'm giving that a go! '.

                        Having played CoD on the zapper since W@W, I will say that I'm pretty good on the Wiimote. Not amazing but ok.

                        KDR means little if you play for objectives, and to support teams.

                        I would say, it is my use of the maps that gets me through more than my reflexes.

                        But with Ghosts, I'm going to take any help I can get.

                        Playing in the UK is tough, couple that with a 60 ping/ 1.40up/ .40 down connection.

                        It is safe to say that I will lose 80% of face to face fire fights, and when I kill them I generally feel sorry for them as it is usually a lag kill. It has even reached the point that clan mates from the US will drop out when it gets too bad.


                        The lag is so bad, if AA is training wheels then I might just strap them on for Ghosts.

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                          49. Re: As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

                          Far from overboard buddy. You just don't like that people are responding to y'all s illogical comments. "As someone who can actually use the wii remote" imply s he's above average. And when you put that as your title it hints to us his maturity level.
                          Then he wants to make it seem like his opinion is fact and the majority when it is in fact the other way around. Sorry my previous comment was to complex for your thought process. People tend to be copious in an open debate.

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