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    Suggestions for improving the forum points system

      Ive been thinking a bit about ways to improve the points system. So far ive come up with 1. Each post gets you 1 point. and 2. Activision employees (mods and support people) do not appear on the rankings. Suggest your ideas here so they can easily see what people want improved.

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          Fix the servers and stop camping and...oh. Sorry. I'm just used to people complaining and not being constructive. Good idea.
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            I like that they've brought back a ranking system like they used to have back in the days of W@W. I would suggest that the lower ranks should be easier to get to or increase point values for various activities because I feel its a bit too hard to get to rank 2.

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              I think to make the playing field level there needs to by some testing for Performance Enhancements.....,,, cough Mac cough


              I think one area that I've noticed the past few days that has been let go a bit is duplicate threads - and forum points encourages such things. It's is early in the season and I guess the mods have bigger issues to deal with.


              Oh - and I've seen some posts marked as questions when they are really not questions at all. A discussion is not a question to be marked as correct or not.

              However, maybe there needs to be some type of challenges that rewards promoting good discussions about the game that dont have right or wrong answers.

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                The points for posts is gone. We had that before. And likes being points. And personal rating gave points.

                I think you will see a shitload of level oners for a long time and some level 2 people within a couple of days. And the level 2 people will be slim. I'm half way and got high scoring badges except for one.


                The levels should be more military like just like the badges. And they should give is badges/missions that has to do with the game. In the WaW era you could get ribbons when you activated missions and those missions where get x amount of kills with weapon x.

                And my master rank is now just a journey man and maccabi is a master. not fair

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                    I actually kind of like this idea about in-game challenges = forum badges. The forum badges for such things could clearly indicate what the badge is for. Most challenges are a reflection of time put into the challenge and I think with time, anyone can learn all the pros and cons of an aspect of the game.


                    The down side would be that it would change per game and therefore limit forum members on what all they could accomplish ... oh wait. We already have such limits. So why not do it then?