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    RIP Black Ops 2, it's officially over :(

      It's done, over, finito, all she wrote. Whilst playing a game of Search and Destroy in the Core playlist, I entered a game where 2 players literally could not be hurt. I thought at first it was my accuracy, until one of them carried on as normal despite being hit by 2 combat axes.


      Then out of nowhere achievements start unlocking left right and centre. I had no idea why until I reviewed the footage (thank god for my Elgato). Unknown to me, in the killfeed a bit of text popped up. The text read "Starting unlock ALL achievements!"


      After a few moments of complete confusion, I quit the game, hit the dashboard and instantly got on to Microsoft Customer Support. The online agent I spoke to seemed clueless and said they cannot roll my account back to how it was. So now I'm stuck with achievements I didn't earn, which makes me sad

      Furthermore I can't talk to Activision online for about 3 hours. I've filed the correct reports with Treyarch, Activision and Microsoft but thanks to how it all works I'll never hear from any about if they've been dealt with.

      I literally don't even want to play the game again now. It's a sad day for the game and must surely now be the final blow putting the thing out of its misery.

      (Yes, the footage is still on my computer but won't be uploaded to here as it is...*sigh*...naming and shaming. Here's a screenshot of the moment in question though, to prove I'm not making it all up).

      [IMG]http://i174.photobucket.com/albums/w88/gould1992/Pac-Man-MyVideo_zps7286f6e 6.png[/IMG]


      (If the image doesn't appear just click the link, should work).


      So yeah, look out guys, it's officially happening



      (PS - Apologies for the multiple edits, I couldn't get the image link sorted and then I fixed a few grammatical errors).