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    i cant play ghosts online with ps4

      okay I am losing my patience badly I have been trying to play cod ghosts since ps4 was released all I get when I try to play online is a error that says ghosts server is not available at this time. and I am getting pissed I see a lot of people playing what is going on

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          Re: i cant play ghosts online with ps4

          Hi Crazy,


          You can always check the status of online services here Call of Duty®: Ghosts || Game Status .


          If online services are fully operational and you are still unable to connect, you may want to try the following:


          • Reboot your router.
          • Try using a wired connection to sustain the connection quality.
          • Establish a static IP address and port forward.  Here are the port numbers you will need Activision Support .


          If you have any questions on how to port forward, please contact your ISP or the router manufacturer for further assistance.


          Thanks ^AH

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