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    PS3 to PS4 Upgrade, DLC Problems

      I'm sure there are others who have mentioned this but I can't really find anything helpful.


      I pre-ordered and then downloaded the digital hardened edition of Ghosts for my ps3, and I also redeemed the code for the gamestop exclusive dlc. Everything (patches and backgrounds) was unlocked and usable on my ps3 but when I got my ps4 and did the $10 upgrade all my exclusive dlc content did not transfer over.


      I've already downloaded the season pass on my ps4 and I also restored my licenses and still nothing.

      I contacted activision support and they couldn't help me at all.

      I was wondering if there is anyone else that has had or is still having this problem and knows of a possible fix for it.

      I'm just frustrated right now and would like to know that I'm not alone.