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    Extremely Irritated.

      Alright, so like many others I'm locked out of all the operations screens.


      By scrolling through various sections I can tell which operations I currently have available even though I cannot view them. Luckily, I had the coolest headgear piece the "DEVGRU Dominator" available.


      I've fulfilled the necessary requirements to gain the "DEVGRU Dominator" headgear piece twice. (which is no easy task) and still haven't unlocked it.


      My time is extremely valuable, and I have specific expectations when spending my money on a game.


      The game should at minimum work as advertised.


      Please let me know when the current broken items will be fixed and the date I can expect to receive the items I've already earned or the best way for you to send me a refund.


      Thank you.

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          Re: Extremely Irritated.

          So because i did over 500 kills with the chrome barrell until I realised the operation wasnt working im entitled to a refund as well??

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            Re: Extremely Irritated.

            Lmao, as much as I hate CoD and how much the devs don't care about their game your entitlement is just pathetic. As for your 'time being valuable' get over yourself... You're not some special little snowflake. The game has bugs, it's a Call of Duty, if you don't expect it to have bugs then that's your own stupidity.


            As for the refund? Well, guess what? The game works, you can play Single Player, you can play Squads, you can play Extinction, you can even play Multiplayer. So, please elighten me how a small bug that doesn't effect the playability of the game are grounds for a refund.


            Entitled kids are so humorous.

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