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    Why do I keep unlocking squad points?

      Last night while I was playing Domination I was put into what I guess was a modded lobby, before I realized it I had killed a guy and was placed up to level 60. Now anytime I go into any normal lobby and play, even squad mode I unlock a squad point for doing just about anything that gets points. I was wondering if there is some way to stop it or something cause its a bit annoying.

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          Just found this topic, thanks for posting. I've got into the same situation today: first a modded lobby, then A LOT of squad points. I thought maybe those were two modded lobbies in a row (what were the chances?), but you've cleared that up.


          Did you get it fixed?

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            Hey guys,


            Thanks for voicing your concerns here. I understand how frustrating it may be to accidentally enter a modded lobby.  Unfortunately, we are not able to correct the hacked stats at this time. However, if you suspect a player of hacking, please report them via in-game tool here so that we can properly investigate them and take the appropriate actions. In the mean time, can you please fill out the following?


            • Gamerid
            • Current rank
            • Rank you should be
            • Estimated time played (hours)




            ATVI Support

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                Do you mean our rank as in those who fell victim of a modded lobby, or those who were hosting the lobby?

                Believe it or not, I have known no problem since launch but got into 4(!) modded lobbies today throughout the day. While this continues, there's not much sense in correcting the stats, is there?


                I, personally, got 240k to 250k unfair XP today. That's from 3 kills in the first lobby and 1 kill in each subsequent one.


                P. S. Thanks for replying, it's great to know someone is listening to us.

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                Same happened to me.. was playing ghost moshpit got into a game.. took a flag and gained 30 levels.. and now I get squad points all the ******* time.. and I don't want too. I had 600 before.. now Im over 1000.