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    clan problems members don't show up in roster xbox

      A lot of people are having the following problem: members do not show-up in roster after joining the clan. I found this out the hard way. I had the same problem. I finaly found a work arround!!!! And it works.


      When your members don't show-up in roster on your xbox, do the following:


      - on the ghosts app kick the player

      - you can do it like this

                - go to my clan

                - click on the manage your clan button top right side (looks like a helmet)

                - click clan roster

                - click manage roster, again top right side

                - there you can change role and kick

                - kick the player that you normaly can't see in roster on your xbox


      The member that you just kicked now has't to go to barracks on his/her xbox en go to:

                - clan details

                - press Y

                - go to his/her name and select it by pressing A

                - then sellect LEAVE CLAN

                - leave barracks


      The clan leader can now sent en new invite to clan. The player now needs te accept the new invite and is a member of your clan. Set the clan-tag en you are good to go.


      I hoop this will help you!!!!


      Note!! This only seems to work when your members are in another clan!!