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        @TG-ThoMz Thank you!

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          So how can you buying a game where you havent seen the spawns yet be a marketing motivation ?


          Why would the way the spawns work (if they are so broken) make someone want to rush out and buy the game ?


          If I were to test out a game before buying it and it was broken then I wouldnt want to buy the game.


          With a random element in the game NOT being random you get things like consistent spawn kills in the game so how is making the spawns detectable going to make the game better ? You would then be getting killed constantly in the same spawn. Previous maps for example that have been removed proves that points.


          EDIT this game has had a long history of spawn complaints .6 years to my knowledge . And yet every single year people flock to this game on the first day, then the cycle repeats itself complaining about the spawns again. And you cant say the spawns may have been fine for you in previous games because that would mean the spawn problem is based on opinion and not fact since people always complain about the spawns.

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            It is deliberate. Some guys at IW thinks this is a good idea. Haven't you played MW3? The spawns are just as bad. IW likes to troll us and they made the spawns this way to make the game action packed.


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              Well, never mind. I guess whoever designed this forum doesn't want people using Chrome. Every single post I make is empty. I have to edit my post in order to have anything in there. And I am not typing the book out again that I had typed.

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                You just answered your own question. Imagine some casual gamer, totally new to the series, tested out the game before buying, like you just said. Which do you think they'd enjoy more? A game like this, where they're able to get a few kills per game because they get lucky with spawns, or a game where the spawning system works correctly, they don't get lucky kills, and they get destroyed by people who have played the game longer and, because of their hard work, got good at the game? Obviously this totally new player is more likely to buy the game if they don't get mercilessly dominated.


                Post-purchase, they're more likely to recommend the game to their friends because they're not getting dominated consistently. Those recommendations lead to more copies sold, and more cash for IW. I can tell you don't understand Marketing because you didn't even think about the post-purchase area.


                As for your spawn kills argument, I've VERY rarely had that problem in CoD games. The only time I can think of is in BO2, on Hijacked. That map was awfully designed, so it's not surprising. Other than that, I've never had a span-kill problem, so the fact that you think this ridiculous system is better than that says it all about your argument.

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                  lol typical, the one post that worked is the one where you gave up Keep trying man!

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                    CCod has never rwally had good spawns if ghosts had decent spawn everyone would cry that there missing in the action and it takes to long to get back

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                      Yeach the forum is pain sometimes

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                        I never said it was better. you only assume that.


                        The spawn system works both ways toward the enemy as well as you. You all get the spawns system equally. Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.


                        Compare it to a sack race where every single player has a huge hole in the sack. All of us have to deal with the problem.


                        Just like I said YOU may have found the spawns to be fine in other games which makes it your opinion that the spawns were fine. Meanwhile MANY people were on the forums complaining about getting constantly spawn killed every second.


                        So what you are telling me is that you think its unfair now that everyone has an even playing field whereas before you could spawn kill and predict the spawns ? So you dont like it now that the tables are turned and everyone is now treated evenly ?


                        If the spawns sucked and every noob trying out the game would flock to this game then almost of all the people who played the game before would never buy this game and sales would drop every year.

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                          If I didnt say this before then maybe I thought it and forgot to type it

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