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        40. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

        Knowing how to use them*

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          41. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

          RazerDeadBullet wrote:


          Coming top nearly every game with randomers, being the guy that carries the team.  I am skilled if I quickscope because I do far better then people using ARs and SMGs.

          While I agree QSing takes some skill to learn (I'd like to get better at it, but just don't invest the time into it), I still believe that it was an originally unintended method that just became part of the game because players found a way to make it a playstyle.  It reminds me of how some people in the past used permanent marker to place a dot in the exact center of their TV/monitor screen to help with accuracy; not really in the spirit of the game, but there's nothing you can really do to stop it.


          And I'm not trying to start an argument here, but just because you end up on top at the end of the game doesn't make you the best; there are plenty of factors that go into a victory.  Good communication can sometimes trump an enemy team with better skills, and the right choices on a loadout can do the same.  It's not as black-and-white as you try to make it seem.

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            42. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

            Idiots hate quickscoping, eh? No it's people who believe in using actual skills in the game that hate quickscoping. Real snipers can't quickscope. Quickscoping - along with pandering to the MLG/eSports community - will be the death of COD. I can pretty much guarantee you that. Quickscoping represents greed in the developers. Instead of trusting what made COD great in the beginning, devs have started dumbing down COD to attract more people. In fact, they are ruining the game in pursuit of money. Money that would've come their way if they stuck to the formula that COD started with.  A game with the challenge of improving our skills with a variety of weapons. Improving our skills lead to killstreaks and pointstreaks that gave us more ways to enjoy the game.


            The real defenders of quickscoping are between the ages of 12-14 years old who have yet to learn from life the benefits of working for your rewards. Instead these selfish people want the instant fix. As a result we got BO2, which is COD through a crack pipe. The mindless rush of a drug through over the top action with little to no thought going to strategy or teamwork. No thanks to the inexperienced among us. COD will die on the vine if it continues on its current path. Sad. Such a great game died at the hands of the self absorbed few.

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              43. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

              I am actually okay with COD dying.  I think it is about time.

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                44. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                I'm alright with the quickscoping, even if it is born due to a game glitch and not a real skill.  The problem I have is that sniper rifles are RIDICULOUS as a run and gun weapon.  There's no way that someone should be running around and killing someone close quarters with a sniper rifle as if it were a shotgun. 

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                  45. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                  A simple solution to this entire problem would be to create a series of game types that will NOT allow sniper rifles.  And for that matter....marksman rifles either.


                  All but those 2 classes of guns are allowed.  Problem solved.  I think you'd see the complaints of us that want a little realism subside.  Let the simple-minded quick-scoping players (I use that term loosely) stay in a section all by themselves & quick scope till their heart' content.

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                    46. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                    I agree with sniper only lobbies but i think its safe to say that will never happen. Just as in any game, people just need to learn to adapt to certain play styles and learn how to counter it. QS's are easy to kill, especially if aim assist failed them on the first shot, then they are toast.


                    Its a play style that has been around for quite sometime and does take a little bit of skill to do no matter how annoying some may think it is.

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                      47. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                      It's not dying any time soon as kids turn into teenagers the more they want games like Call of Duty basically once this generation matures that will be the death of Call of Duty until then it will continue to be a billion dollar title.

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                        48. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                        I know COD will probably be a strong franchise for at least another 5 years, but I am okay with it dying now.

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                          49. Re: Quickscoping is still there :D

                          Do I like people who QS? Not really, but I do agree if you spend the time to exploit to that degree of accuracy then feel free. If you have perfected it to such a level that you can really carry a team the way you say you can, kudos to you. This means the rest of the COD community will have to learn how to counter a QSer and actually use cover and shoot you from behind.


                          Yes, it's highly irritating to be QSed as I come out the door, or what *I* think is an impossible shot, but I look at as something I need to work on. People who QS I view as a challenge to kill, more so considering the fact that if I don't catch you just right, I'm dead as a doornail. Do I reserved a tad bit more respect for a sniper (Not a QSer) who takes his shot, moves, and shoots again from somewhere else supporting his team? Yes. Do I respect a sniper who is going to lay with his **** in the dirt all game? No.


                          As always, there are exceptions. If you're playing Blitz, or Dom, feel free to camp your ass off. Somebody's gotta keep the other team away from your sugar purse.


                          So, feel free to QS. It forces everyone else to actually use their brains to figure out how best to splatter your digital brains all over the wall.

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