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    Bring back theatre mode!

      I just got off a game where I got my first sniping Qaud Feed, I am not noob but I have never gotten a sniper quad feed before, so you can guess how happy I was when I got it.

      I am having trouble with my Elgato with the sound being out of sync with the footage so I left it off till I can fix this, this was the beauty of Theatre mode, if you forgot to record or recording didn't work you could save the game and try re-record it.


      How about a DLC for theatre mode for people who want it and it only records the person who has it.

      I wouldn't mind paying for it, missing some of my best moments is annoying and frustrating and I am more then sure its like this for many small time YouTuber.

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          NO!!!!! I shouldnt have to suffer because you want to post YT vids...I dont want your lag. Its gone, get over it.

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              HOOOHOhhHOOHohohoHoH LAG. yeah Black ops 2 had theatre mode but seemed alot less laggy then ghosts, ALOT LESS LAGGER, Theater mode only ever added 3% of lag.

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                  Has there been any official word on why theater mode was taken out?  I can see how some agree with it because it (slightly, ever so slightly) lessens the lag, but to a lot of players, it was a nice system where we could take some of the highlights of our gaming and save them to show our friends.  That, or you could watch the match afterward and try to learn from some of your mistakes by getting a different viewpoint of what was going on.  It's not a necessary thing, but I was a little disappointed when I heard they didn't have it in Ghosts.


                  While they don't particularly need any reason to add things to the game, taking something away that was present in a previous iteration of the series that was well-received by a large amount of their population should require some explanation.


                  And let me just say that in my personal opinion, if you really want to upload your vids to YT, it isn't difficult to come up with the money for an average-priced capture system.  There's even an option out there that doesn't require you to have a laptop/desktop computer close by for storage: I forget what the name is, but that eliminates the biggest issue that would impede someone from being able to record their gameplay.

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                    Ahh, BO2 had tons of lag. What are you smoking?! lol


                    Also, next gen consoles have built in recorders.

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                  Theatre is not needed. Was just a gimmick. If you want to save your gameplay get a hdpvr

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                    Where have you been? It was determined - and posted here - that theater mode caused lag in mp matches. Buy elgato. You can record all the games you want without interfering in the gameplay of the other players in your matches. It's not about you. It's about the community and it's needs as a whole.