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        120. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

        Not 24... I already have my copy of Ghosts for Xbone and the number of players listed is 12-18.

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          121. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

          They are accepting trade ins. I just traded mine while waiting for my ps4.

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            122. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

            dunnel009 wrote:


            since the start of the franchise there have always been big maps, mid maps and small maps..... most recently they went away from the larger maps so this is more in tune with the originals, HOWEVER the old large maps tended to lead to chokepoints for gun fights and strategy, to me that is what is missing

            From what I'm reading here, it seems it's not so much that the maps are big (which I like), but that they're cluttered and have too much verticality (mulitple floors, levels, vertical vantage points.)


            It's no wonder people are complaining about camping with these map characteristics. 

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              123. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

              gotsomestars wrote:


              They are accepting trade ins. I just traded mine while waiting for my ps4.

              trading in for the same title is not what I'm talking about and a bit beside the point.


              [Edit] Also if you listed the phone number of the store where you made your trade, it would better substantiate your statement.  Otherwise, that's all it is, a statement anyone can make.  (BTW it would be ok to do so, that's public info anyone can find by searching the yellow pages or the internet.)

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                124. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                I've only been playing a few days so I'll give some time before fully judging the maps/overall gameplay...


                But despite only playing a few days I can agree with you in one area. That being the unlock/operations set-up.

                As more of a casual-FPS, I have no doubt (and am not afraid to admit) part of the allure of the COD series was the number of challenges/perks, unlocking new items, and really just getting constant "stuff" even if you weren't good at the game.

                It's inherit in our nature to be drawn to that type of set-up, and in my opinion has been a real key to the franchises success...Despite every year people complaining they still would play.


                So there is that, there's the fact it is a bit confusing....but the biggest problem I have with it is the fact that it is has limited my exploration.

                It's really the negative effect you would think it would have.  It would seem to add more depth, but what I find is that it is keeping me inside of my comfort zone.  In past games I would try everything I would unlock, which would lead to weapons and set-ups I wouldn't have even thought of.  Now since everything costs points (and I'm not a great player) I'm sticking to a gun or set of guns I know I usually like.  I'm using equipment I've liked in past games, etc.

                To this point I just don't find it nearly as fun as the past games. 

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                  125. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                  Well I feel the same way but I am bad at the game- I suck frankly.  I have been horrible with the previous titles as well but I always had some reason to keep trying- Die Trying is my favorite saying with previous COD.  This game is just boring and has no real incentive for which to grind on.  BO2 gave so much in way of challenges and level-up that there was always something to go for and grind for and making the whole process an addictive exercise in achievement.  Ghosts has very little of That.

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                    126. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                    great post man

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                      127. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                      I have only 3 problems with this game and they are lag,spawns,security everything else is pretty much perfect.

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                        128. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                        great post dude, for me you totally nailed it when you said the following "you could have slapped medal of honour or super war soldier 3 on the box"  this is not a AAA title, its not an awful game either its just dull and generic.  its not exciting at all, and the comment on the levelling and reward system was spot on as well.  once i had the few attachments and guns i want i am generally left wondering why i want any others. my points spending goes as follows.  build up around 40 plus points.  boredom spend them on a new weapon and or attachments, feel i wasted them, realise i don't care, plod on with ak or sa805, grip silencer or a sight... jog on.


                        the killstreaks are dull as well, loads of people say its great that people can't get loads of kills from streaks but i'd like some!! don't call them kill streaks if they can't get bloody kills!


                        its just dull and generic, its not a COD, be it old school MW1/2 or new school MW3/BO2 its just some new boring supa insta death lame kill streak hide and seek shooter that failed to deliver on its promises, infinityward have put another nail in the coffin

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                          129. Re: An Unbiased Review Of Ghosts

                          pilot2969 wrote:


                          You want to know exactly how boring I felt on launch night, I made an honest cover for the game. http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g252/pilot2969/WeddingDVDCover.jpg



                          haha wow thats pretty good!

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