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    Bored all ready

      I've reached max prestige on every COD I've own so far, even BO 2 and I couldn't stand that game. Thats the sort of person I am, if I buy it I like to finish it. But I'm on level 22 of my Second Class and I am so bored I'd rather come on here and post about it. I haven't even spent every waking hour on it either compared to other CODs. Really how is this possible ? I was so looking forward to the Clan playing together again as IW support clan play more than Tryhard. Clan play is a laugh, even if were not that great. But most of them stopped playing after bonus weekend lol. Is it too much to ask for some enjoyment out of my cash.

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          ur not the only one who is bored im lucky if i can manage a hour a day before i get bored of playing titanfall cant come quick enough for me something new and fresh is what is need

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            I have already gotten my 60 bucks worth out of this game. Played about 3 hours a day on average. Thats about thirty hours. Comes down to 2 dollars per hour so far.


            If you take the girlfreind to a movie that costs you 40 bucks and its over in two hours. Dinner out with freinds costs you 60 bucks and thats done in an hour.


            60 bucks for a video game goes a long way.


            Have you tried setting up your players for Squads modes yet . Its great to leave your Xbox and have a squad you made kick ass for you.


            If you bought this game expecting to play clans all day thats not the games fault. Thats your clans fault. Get rid of them and look for people that want to play.

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              I play the crap out of every cod.


              But like you I am also bored already.



              I Even made an identical thread to this one a few days ago.Two weeks into a new title id be grinding hard and enjoying the freshness.


              But with this title I am not.


              "Been spending most my lifes dying in a campers paradise"

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                I am upgrading to a PS4 in a couple of weeks and trading in my XBOX and my PS3 and I don't think I'm even going to bother getting Ghosts when I do.


                I think I'm suffering from COD burnout and don't seem to enjoy the series anymore.

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                  While I like this game and do pretty well with it, I must say this is the most boring of them all.    

                  I think the main issue is the change of how you level, prestige, and do challenges.   It was exciting to do this before.  Now the challenges are boring.  Things don't reset on prestige.  Leveling is slow.  

                  I really don't see myself going all the way to max prestige on this one.  Something I've done with most of the CoDs.

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                    Agreed. I have 15-20 days played in each of the last 5 or 6 Cods. This game I have a little over a day and I am bored as well. Every game mode feels like TDM and core plays like hardcore with no time to react.

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                      I am so glad that I'm not only one out there. So many cod games that i've played (Cod 4 was my first time playing multiplayer) months without end trying to complete challenges but this game pushes it to the next level. This game bored me to freaking tears that i went back and played MW3


                      1. Campers: it's a dream come true for those that do. 70% of the games i've been in i find people camping corners with traps and stuff. Those on the forums declare this as "strategic and tactical".

                      2. Maps: Some of these maps feel like there not even suppose to be on current gen consoles. IMO this encourages people to camp more because if they run around and about like in previous Cod's without being revenged spawned.STONEHAVEN! nuff said.

                      3.Game Modes: Where is Ground War, CTF, Headquarters? The most played lobby is TDM so why bother?


                      Again I'm glad that some people enjoy this game and good luck to you. But i can't bear it any longer

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                          Map size coupled with an ineffective "UAV" can make for some boring matches on here

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                            Groundwar is the best mode IMO. Its all I really play anymore. But the thing is, in bo2 everyone cried that the maps were too small.


                            These maps aren't much bigger, the difference is there is no more 3 lanes bs. Once more people get used to the maps they aren't as big as they seem.

                            The biggest issue is bad oops 2 made everything insanely easy. Pick a lane left, right , middle. Pick any SMG, run down that lane hip firing at everything with a my little pony camo. Or hover around an objective for 30 seconds shoot a couple guys, call in a ridiculous scorestreak and let it do all the work for you. Rinse repeat.

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                            I'm not bored of it. Olny played 8 hours so far. Because not much time for it.
                            And probably won't get bored. I will give me challenges myself. Tryin to get snipers or marksman rifles (which I don't really like. don't fit my gamestyles)

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                              It took me a good few levels to adjust and I was having doubts but now I'm in full flow, having a blast! A few of the maps do lead to extended periods of just running but I do believe this is catering for the next gen with being able to have more players on a map at once. I'm guessing the gameplay will quicken because of this.

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                                I'm not bored with the game, but some of the games are boring if that makes sense.  I'm not bored with it as a whole, because I really want to be as good at it as previous titles,   am slowly getting there after some major changes to play style ( which is actually slower and more boring).  I can see how some people think that though, as I have found myself and others saying more than you probably should have too "its pretty quiet" or "where the hell is everyone"
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                                  The game is somewhat boring. Coming from someone who has played every single COD to date, even in the old PC days. It seems like they have come to a crossroads, they want the money from casuals, so they make the game easy, but they want to pretend its competitive and play up the MLG stuff.


                                  At its heart, we have all been playing the same game for years, like anything that repetitive, it gets stale, no matter how you reskin and rename weapons, they behave the same as the ones did 3 years ago. You can make new maps and reskin some old ones for nostalgia purposes, but again, its the same game. It hasnt really developed that much in the past few years.


                                  I have always preferred the COD games over BF games, but this year, after building a quality PC and playing both titles at the same time, I can safely say, ghosts is not a next gen game, it looks so bad on the PC, even running at high settings on everything and a good frame rate. I was actually surprised. I have found that once I got over the learning curve of BF, its a much more robust experience, learning all the different vehicles and weapon load outs has been refreshing. I find it hard to play ghosts now, the connection is still crappy, and the gameplay + maps are really boring. And im not even a run n gun type player.


                                  I have this feeling that these COD games will suffer in the coming years, mainly because the engine is not aging well, its not optimized well on PC at all. Maybe it will be a bit better on the Xone, but I wouldnt hold my breath.  Good luck to those sticking to the series.

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                                    If you're bored than you're boring.

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                                      Keepmequite wrote:

                                      Is it too much to ask for some enjoyment out of my cash.


                                      It is when you don't use a question mark.




                                      That said....


                                      Want more enjoyment? Stop being bitter.


                                      It works wonders.