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    DLC for Guitar Hero 3 on Wii


      I was checking out the list of available songs on the website.  There are several songs such as "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse and "'Slither" by Velvet Revolver which indicate they are playable on GH3 and are available for the Wii.  How do I access those songs?  I didn't notice them in Music Store, and I wasn't sure how to get to them if they are available in the Wii online store.  I tried checking on GH5's online store, and I didn't see them there either. Anyone know if these tracks are going to be released for GH5?  Thanks.

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          Having the exact same problem for dlc for guitar hero 3 for the wii.  I'm able to download songs for GH4 and GH5 no problem.  I saw here on this site all the great songs available for GH3 wii and got pretty excited.  Nothing in the game leads me to the music store.  I REALLY WANT those FRICKIN songs (Def Leperd, Foo Fighters, Dream on, etc...) I've scoured GH website and the net with no answers yet.  Wish to hell they would just make all the past dlc content playable on GH5.  Anyway.  Anyone have any answers?

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            I did some searching on this also, and found that there was talk about adding dlc for the wii on GH 3 back in 07, 08, there was suppose to be a new disc for GH3 in order for it to work.  I found no talk about this back in 09, so I'm guessing it was scrapped.   It must have gotten buried under all the games releases they have done

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              GH3 for the Wii doesn't support DLC. There is no in-game Music Store through which to buy the songs (and since the game in non-patchable, no in-game Music Store could have been added). The Music Library here showing those songs as playable in Wii's GH3 is a mistake.