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    Met a cheater in the game (PC), but couldn't report them because they ran off the lobby right after the game ended? Remember their name? Great! Here's how you report them! (note: this works for PC)

      Wondering how to report a cheater you played with who left as soon as the game ended? Its simple!

      Please note: this was made for PC version of the game as I only have a PC, I'm not sure you can do a similar thing on consoles, not sure there are cheaters on consoles.


      I just played with some obvious cheaters (you can tell when they simply follow the big red YOU through walls till they kill you on Killcam). I told everyone to report them several times since they were extremely abusive (aimbot with a small radius, not aiming through walls, wallhack, zero recoil).

      As soon as the game ended, they immediately exited, so people couldn't report them.


      But thats not a problem!!!

      Just press F1 (Friends menu), slide right (arrow on the upper right edge of the screen), and you'll see players you played with recently. There you have it! Your dear cheaters!
      Reported every one I suspected of cheating (they were pretty obvious).


      Hope it helps you keep the game nice and clean!


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      PS: This works for PC. When you press F1, it opens up "Friends" menu, but you can slide to the next tab, which has "recent players" list, and sorts them by amount of time since you last met them. It may not work properly, though, in this case I recommend shutting down the game and signing out of steam, then restarting Steam and re-logging into Steam, and then restarting the game. This sometimes helps me update achiements and friend lists in Steam. This doesn't guarantee your list will populate with recent players, not sure if they'll appear later if they didn't appear in the first place. It could potentially clean the recent players list as well, so use this as a "last resort" when recent players list doesn't update properly.


      Official article about reporting cheaters on Activision support can be found here:

      Activision Support

      Although it was made for consoles.

      Thanks, Claire JeepChick!


      Added some clarifications. Thanks, danquake!


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