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    Ghost Maps


      Whats the worst map on the game?

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          I have very little time in game, but so far I have really not been fond of Flooded or Siege. I suppose more time may change my perspective, but as of right now those are pretty shoddy in my eyes.

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            Stonehaven or Siege. You will rarely find anyone on these maps, and they will camp this map hard because the maps encourage it.

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              Chasm, Flooded, and Siege are the three I personally loathe.

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                Siege a.k.a. Where Are They? is awful. It's more like an entire level from campaign. Stonehaven is a great map to look at but some lines of sight are so long the game can't render it and the framerate chugs.

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                  All of them are bad, except for Strikezone, which is too small anyway, but still better than all of the other overly complex maps.

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                    Siege followed by Sovereign.

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                      Unfortunately, the game was designed with campers and snipers in mind. If you move you get shot in the back. The game was designed for snipers and campers with all of the corners and hiding spots. Criticize campers all you want, but it's not really their fault. It's poor multiplayer map design. I didn't have as much of a problem with camping in Black Ops 2. Why? I didn't die instantly whenever I stuck my head out and the maps generally followed a 3 path rule and were not designed for campers, plus the weapons were a little more balanced. The camping and sniping hasn't been this bad since MW2.

                      It's mostly due to the maps. Stick your head out of any doorway and see what you can see. You are presented with a vast, massive, intricate scene of rubble, trees, buildings, boxes, random things everywhere, weird little pieces of scenery everywhere. The "technical term" is a clusterf**k. There could be a guy sniping behind any one of those dozens of map details. It would take you at least 5 seconds to look at everything on your screen to check if there's a guy there. If there is a guy in one of those spots looking at your location, it will take that player half a second to a second to kill you. So is it any surprise that people just sit in a corner and camp? I don't really think so.


                      I don't camp because I think it's incredibly boring, even if I camp and do well, but I've never been so tempted to do it as I am in this game. Infinity Ward have just made it a legitimately stupid idea to not camp in this game. The maps are just complete clusterf**ks. And don't tell me you just have to "play strategically" or "check your corners". Every room has multiple corners to check, not to mention dozens of small pieces of scenery designed to give campers extra places to sit. If I go and check my corners, there's about a 1 in 10 chance I'll check the right corner first. When I inevitably check the wrong corner, the camper kills me from whatever spot he's chilling out in. And even if that strategy could work for non-campers, the game would be so slow and methodical that it really wouldn't be worth playing anyway. Ghosts' map design is deliberately camper-friendly. Period.



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                        CChasm by far then Stonehaven

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                          Used to hate Chasm.  Now I dig it, although it's layout forces me to stick around a certain area.  The route is small, and can get slow at times, but do well on it now.  Stonehaven is garbage.  SnD it isn't as horrible, but still not good.  Also Siege is not great, however I think it is pretty good for Search.  Challenging but fairly balanced.