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        90. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!

        Too many people posting in this topic that do not know what they are talking about. Not enough time for me to correct you all. I've been having these discussions since CoD4, where these things originated from in the CoD franchise. Go on believing what you choose. It won't change the facts of the matter.

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          91. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!

          MysticJon wrote:


          Quick scoping is a glitch that takes advantage of the aim assist. Remove aim assist and see how hard it is to quick scope. That's all they'd have to do to stop quick scoping. Remove aim assist from all sniper rifles. Black Ops 1 did this (then Black Ops 2 went and put it right back).


          Not only did the snipers in BO1 have aim assist, they had even more aim assist than those in BO2 because they had aim-assist pre-ADS.  Also, the L96 had the exact same ADS time as the DSR and identical hit boxes... it also fired faster.  Do you actually know what you are talking about or are you making things up as you go along? 

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            92. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!

            come on, its still obvious when u see the final kill cam if he is quick scoping or not. and 80% of the time when i see i final kill cam and it being a sniper he/she are quick scoping

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              93. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!
              Ghosts aim assist is less than BO2. Fire rates on the bolt action snipers are slower. Even with quickdraw it takes forever to ads. You die extremely fast in ghosts. A sniper has very little time to react. Being able to scope in and quickly acquire your target, then drop them with that one shot is a skill.And 1v1 that is probably the only shot you will get in ghosts.  Most of you cry about this because you can't do it.
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                94. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!

                Yer i igree, quick scoping is the worst issue call of duty has to offer. im sick of all the people out there who try to justiffy it and try to say it tackes skill to master, and your only complaining because u cant do it. piss off, its easy to master if u practice at it, and to all the people who try to say its part of the game, its always bean part of the game, are u compleat edits. the only reason quick scoping is in the game is because its how and the only way the could get the bot to target and shot some one, it was for the bots not for us to use. but the bloody younger generation these days cant be happy with what they got and go out and find ways to corupt the system and cheat, because its all about winning to them not having fun.                                                                                                       But what dosent make any sense is the bots use a completly new system and dont quick scope any more, so it makes me think that the creatores have just put it in anyway because they do it them selfves. so we are screwed

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                  95. Re: Quick scoping is even worse!!!

                  Black Ops was the first CoD game to introduce bots.... quickscoping has been around since CoD1, which makes a total of 6 CoD games where quickscoping was possible before bots were introduced... and it was possible in BO, MW3, BO2 and now Ghosts.... so it has been around forever. 

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