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    Are you enjoying your ghosts experience?

      I think they had good ideas and that make the gameplay balanced, the mechanics of the game seem to work well but I find a few mistakes that ruin my experience with this game.


      1. the maps are huge!!! I love all the maps and their design, but the size is stupid considering theres only 12 players in total if someones doesnt quit in the beggining or decides to camp that is. I find myself running and running only to get killed by someone camping or spawning, going against what cod is, which is a fast paced, full of action shooter. they need to add more players. dont know how but I believe this is needed


      2. Dying so quick, I think this takes skill from the game. you die so quick by opponents that shot your toe on hipfire at a very far distance. The days of jumpshots, turnshots, and dropshots are threatened due to the fact that you have no time to counter an opponent. this turned into a who sees who first game.


      3. camping. not much to say about that. ghosts has more campers than any COD game I had ever played. dont know why


      I would like to add that im not the type of person that whines a about COD games. I believe this is the first COD game that I find myslef complaining about in such a short period of time. I would like to see if Im the only one who thinks this way. I believe this can be fixed with simple updates. the game is not broken, just needs some serious work

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