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    Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

      Brutal I know, and don't take me as generalizing the community as a whole, just a very large portion of it. Ghosts expose players to their cognitive flaws. This game forces you to take a little more care in actions but I'm finding that most players aren't getting this. They play stupid and expect great results. Black Ops II conditioned players who lack the capacity to fully think through their actions and analyze the pros and cons of each possible decision. You'll get burned in Ghosts with careless thought.


      The key to Ghosts in being attentive to that which is around you and putting yourself in a position that benefits you and your teammates in the best possible situation to win. Unlike Black Ops II one player could easily carry a team. The maps were small allowing you to be everywhere at once and the rewards were cheap and powerful. Not in Ghosts, if you start getting a head of yourself and create "tunnel vision" you'll lose, badly. Overconfidence will cause you suffering and more over will put your team in a bad way. You'll dig your team a hole and if you can't hold your own then your team will have a hard time picking up your slack.


      Observational skills: It's simple really, look. That's it. Use your eyes and examine the area in front and around you before stepping out in the open and get lit up. I love standing next to someone and they just run right past as if to say, "hey look at me, I'm a free kill". Funny thing is, this same person will call you a camper even though it's very obvious that it's their fault.


      Situational awareness: In MW3 I really pushed this skill. It's quite possibly the most important skill in video games period. Knowing what's going on around you without being directly told. A good example of this is what I'm going to start calling meta-combat. It's being able to analyze where you're teammates are and generating an idea of where the enemy might be. If you team is merging on on area of the map then you can use that pattern to triangulate the position of the enemy and then execute a flank. This is thinking beyond (meta) the current combat situation to come up with successful plan of attack. Here's a fun fact; most matches that you'll play both sides will try to shrink the map into a small combat area. This happens on even smaller maps like Nuketown. If you have good situational awareness and can adequately use meta-combat skills you can then use the whole map to make the game easier.


      Personal space: This isn't a skill so much as a tendency, but I've found personal space issues becoming a huge problem. Ghosts has some very big maps yet teammates want to be right up your ass and draw more attention to your position than necessary. Especially when the shoot like Elmer Fudd at thin air with an unsuppressed weapons. I hate bumping off of people as I try to move around the match, I always end up getting killed because of this.


      Playing the whole map: This kind of builds off of situational awareness, but another thing I notice is that teammates will always look where you're looking. I welcome those who want to camp or snipe with me, but why do they always find it necessary to look at the exact same target as me. I understand that sometimes you get bored staring at emptiness, but when I move don't follow me. Ghosts defense against camping is providing half a dozen ways to get to ever position on the map. So don't make it harder on us by guarding the same vantage point as me, there are always just opportunistic windows or doors to look out of.


      Know your weakness: This is more of an egotistical problem than anything. Every CoD player thinks they're the best CoD player. Obviously this is a problem when it comes to making yourself a better player and trying to make your weaknesses strengths. I know what my weaknesses are; multi-tasking, movement speed, weapon handling, and putting myself against overwhelming odds. As a player who has camping tendencies I know what I'm most vulnerable too and because I know this I can take mitigations to limit my vulnerability to these weaknesses. If you're not willing to admit or properly recognize your weaknesses then how the hell are you going to be a better player?

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          1. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

          Excellent points. I relate to your "personal space" reference especially. I find it bizarre that players will try to push through you to get where they want to go. Completely oblivious, or not caring, of the fact that they are affecting your movement. I've been killed by self-centered teammates who pin me against a wall or in a corner preventing me from escaping crossfire as many times as I've been killed by bad spawns. It's ridiculous. I've also had numerous occasions, still happening to this day, where I'll take up position as a sniper and aim at an enemy player when suddenly a fellow teammate walks and stops right in front of me. Completely blocking my aim. It's amazing how self-centered players can be at the cost of their own teammates.


          For Ghosts, I blame Vonderhaar and Treyarch for getting players into endless camping caused by their tiny maps in BO2. Small maps literally force you to camp because you don't have time to think, so you have to find a spot and sit and watch whats happening before going anywhere. Now on Ghosts, people are camping like mad because the larger maps mean they actually have to think. What a concept, right? Having to think in a game? Rough life.

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            2. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

            The issue G'


            Using your brain produces long term memory advantages and reasonable actions. Thats just to much work for the sponge bob generation.

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              3. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are



              Thanks for posting this!


              These are all really good points that I think everyone should read and think about.


              I am actually totally new to the COD series, but have always loved FPS games.


              It seems obvious to me from the maps, weapons and perks that this game is made for all types of play styles and not just for mindlessly running around looking for someone to shoot.


              I hope more people can take a step back and learn to understand and enjoy the maps more as something where you aren't necessarily shooting someone every 3 seconds. So far I am really happy with this game. It feels almost like the Gran Turismo of FPS with all the options and customization.

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                4. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                There are some good points, but the fact is there were not more campers in BO2 than Ghost, GHOST is full of new players and with that you get campers, you also get the ******** who like to ruin the game for everyone by joing a HC KC match and play TDM, BO2 was a point driven game you did not get kill streaks you got Score streaks which means if you want to get points and streaks you had to play the objective, there is none of that in Ghost,ghost is KDR driven so everyone just sits in a corner in a huge map and waits for people to come out in the open to get a tag and boom they are picked off, that persons team might not win but at least that person will be in first place cause of his stupid KDR. If everyone played like like these ***** campers do there would be no action and you guys would just be sitting there waiting to see who will be the brave one to step out and get shot first, ooohhh sooooo much fun. There is a Sniper series of games where you can go and do that, COD series are suppose to be run and gun move around find people and shoot them with some type of strategy not just running out into an open feild but running along walls checking your corner and so on. The other issue is the stupid spawns, the guy you just killed spawn in the corner in front of you or 5 feet behind you, I thought they took martyrdom out of the game? NOPE its still there they just put it in the respawn now.

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                  5. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                  Your comment on playing the objective for Scorestreaks is very wrong. I played a lot of everything in Black Ops II and I can tell you that the Scorestreak charity system was heavily flawed. People avoided the objective so they could get those extra 500pts in kills to call in their absurdly powerful streaks in and decimate the team. While that was going on they continued to avoid the objective so that they could milk every last kill until all the players left. This idea that Poinstreaks was a miracle from God to force people to play the objective is wrong. It was just as bad if not worse.


                  Campers aren't an issue. There's plenty of advantage to rushing in Ghosts, you just have to be smart enough to figure out how much like campers had to use their heads and get creative to successfully camp.

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                    6. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                    If your stating camping is a higher form of intellectual gaming... I am going to remind you a 12 year old invented camping.....    it is also used by people to scared to die.... fear is not a form of brightness... going 5-0 or 3-2 in my view is not better then 23-19 or 16-16 as most times the score ratio is pretty high in most games and your leaning on your team to get the kills you leave on the table ...lets use the standard match tdm


                    Your team needs 75 kills to win... you go 4-1


                    Six players on team that means someone has to make up for no less then nine kills for you


                    If the game goes to 75


                    Now I'm not saying run around and die


                    But camping does not make someone smarter it meansthey got more fear of dying and are try harder

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                      7. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                      Lets use a second game mode.. this one tactical


                      Use player A n B


                      Player a moves from cover to cover in blitz and scores 4 goals but dies 10 times while killing six people


                      Player b by your standard is smarter he hides middle of the map gets four kills and defends the goal from those four points and goes 4-0


                      Who's more valuable to the team

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                        8. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                        I agree with the majority of what you've said, but I must point out a few key flaws with the current game.


                        - Revenge Spawn (cannot be forseen)

                        - Instant death/One shot (cannot be reacted to, not unless you're a robot) :-caused by lag and lag compensation.


                        That said those two things break the game currently everything else is fine.

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                          9. Re: Ghosts is exposing some players for what they really are

                          Score streaks are not flawed I played the objective in HC, DOM, KC and TDM and in DOM and KC I was always in first place with over 6000 points and you can only get those points by playing the objective, so you are wrong, and on ghost right now in KC and TDM i'm ranked 200 or so on the lobby leaderboard, i am usually in the top 2 at the end of every game with roughly 30-15 KDR and the amount of tags are always more than my kills and most of my deaths were from corner camping noobs, I have to pick up my team mates tags cause all they do is camp and work on there stupid KDR. Campers are for New players to the COD franchise i understand why they doit but it does not make it right, you can go play Battlefield or ARMA if you want to sit there and camp. COD series is more for the run and gun player, and when I want to take my time and play more strategy i will go and play BF4 and ARMA3. I also know veteran COD players who now all they do is sit and corner camp, there is zero skill in that, most great players are everywhere on the map and you just cant get away from them.

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