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    Do they even playtest these games?

      I'm starting to wonder whether anyone even play tests these games online before they are released. I've just had three games in a row where I literally couldn't kill anyone, I was just being dropped instantly - one hit and I was down. Then on the kill cam it's the usual story, they are firing  endless rounds into me and I'm just standing there.


      The lag on this game is crazy - and it has got WORSE since the patch. The game is now bordering on the unplayable.


      I genuinely prefer the design of the maps, the weapons and the slower pace to maps, weapons and madness of Black Ops 2. But the lag is ruining things.


      But there's also problems with quick scoping, spawns (which I don't know how there is an issue with spawns on maps this big) and then there's Wii remote, which seems to have been nerfed since the patch (way to go guys, I bought a Wii U to use the Wii remote for COD, if I wanted to play using the dual analog schemes I would have simply got the XBOX 360 version).


      I just find all this very hard to swallow considering we're on the 10th instalment of COD and the problems are still haven't been solved. I expect the odd bug or glitch with any game of this size and scope, but core issues like netcode and spawns (which should be the bedrock of an online game) should be spot on by now.

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          Short answer - I bet they do, but only in a local lan setting.


          Also - I think this game is written to run on XBox and PS and very little thought is given to the WiiU port.


          The game is unplayable for me as well. The lag is atrocious and coupled with instakills, teleporting, bad spawns, and so on makes it not worth the effort to play.

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            I dont know...i feel like im in my element with Ghosts. Im a pretty defensive rusher, and im rewarded by playing smart, rather than running around like Rambo on LSD. People (in this game anyway) wonder if im wall glitching because they never see me in the game. The size of the maps make my "circling the map" strategy more effective. This game caters to campers, and less of rushers, but it is still very good. (Boy, i apologize if sound cocky, im a modest person )


            I feel like they should delay this game if there's any issues that affect gameplay. I can wait a week or 2 if the game will be launched in a perfect state.

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              I realise I sound negative, but I love COD. I've been a huge fan since I first played World at War on the Wii. I think its an incredible series and much prefer the COD style of play to other shooters. I just want things to be right. I am happy to put £45 down on COD year in year out, I just want the netcode to be like it was on Black Ops on the Wii so I can actually get a fair game.

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                Definition of test;

                A procedure for critical evaluation; a means of determining the presence, quality, or truth of something; a trial..

                So my guess is no they don't test..

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                  I'm trying to figure out which of the problems you've listed are unique to the Wii U.  The only one I can see is your claim that we "nerfed" the Wii Remote controls, so that's the one I'll address.  AA is back on Wii Remote and has been for longer now than it was actually turned off.  We are actively looking for improvements.  We listen to the community.  We release updates to make the game better.  And, on behalf of the testers who we have searching these forums for us on a daily basis to find things for us to improve... yes, we test the game.

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                      I'm not having much problem with the controls, its still not right, but its playable. I never use AA. Its the terrible connection that I never had before. And the fact I play with the same people I have done for over three years and its all gone to pot. The only thing thats changed is the console.

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                        Thanks for the reply, I genuinely appreciate it. As I've said many times before, I'm a huge Nintendo COD fan and always look forward to COD every year. I appreciate the fact that Treyarch still support Nintendo and their fan base on the Wii U. It's really the netcode that is the big issue, and I agree that is a problem across all platforms.


                        Personally, I believe Black Ops (the original) was the high point of COD as far as multiplayer was concerned. It just seemed nigh-on perfect. The netcode was just spot on and when I last checked my Wii play data I had put over 550 hours into it!


                        When I asked if you tested it, I was really meaning testing it online in the same conditions that we paly it at home. I certainly wasn't meaning to be facetious or disrespectful. It's just I imagine it would be a very different game played in a controlled environment across a LAN.


                        Anyway, thanks again for the reply, it is appreciated. I also hope you guys continue to support Nintendo platforms. Please also note, whilst I will complain about things, I always pick up the games - and I never bust anyone's balls over DLC haha

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                          I have a question: does that mean that the rest of his items are known issues across the other consoles as well?

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                          I understand everyone's frustration, as the game is a little twitchy. But as far as I can tell everyone is in a similar boat - one game you get murdered and the next you can go on a rampage.


                          But I can guarantee you that if the game was not tested it would be a whole lot worse.

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                            I Can agree with a few of your points, except the wii mote feels perfect now. I don't get to use the wiimote much anymore. The wife likes watching tv and I got used to thumb sticks thanks to off tv play. But when the wife isn't watching tv I use my mote again.

                            Its kind of weird, wiimote on blops 2 sucked and I ended up not using it for the most part. But now it's the only way to play cod for me again.

                            THe he only bad thing for me in this game is the lag. Before the second, maybe third patch of blops 2 I would get one shot killed, have invisible people kill me and so forth. Also had a KD of .80. When the patch came through it was fine again and I finished with a KD well over 1.00.


                            IM guessing the same is going to happen for ghosts. My KD right now is .88. I'm getting insta killed by invisible people and it's unplayable right now. I'll just wait out the next patch or dedis before I take it seriously again. I have rubber bullet syndrome so I mostly go knife only because I can stab people from a mile away and it actually works.

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                              I'm sure they test the games but under what conditions?

                              Who is the wiimote expert that tests how it feels? Thats what I'd like to know