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    Let's talk about the campaign(spoilers)

      Let's talk about the campaign baby, let's talk about you and me.


      Personally, I've loved all CoD campaigns, my favorites being mw2 and mw3(cue "holy crackers, padiego LIKED something about mw3?!?).


      Ghosts' campaign, like all others, behaved like a cheap B action movie, a-la-michael Bay. Lots of explosions with the plot being there to give a reason for the explosions. Overall, it was decent, IMHO. I liked the idea of south america joining under one flag and invading 'murica. However, I wished they would've elaborated the story behind the Federation a bit more. I didn't like the main antagonist either. I wish the antagonist would've been a Federation general, with a nice long beard, and a love for cigars....


      Parts of the campaign were just terrible, like the part where Elias reveals that he's a Ghost, or when Riley gets shot just for the lulz.


      The ending though...my god, I haven't seen a plot twist this funky since the sixth sense! How the hell did he survive that? Well, I guess they needed something for the sequel...


      Overall, it was a nice experience, but it could've been way better.


      6/10, would replay when my internet craps out.


      What are your thoughts?

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          Re: Let's talk about the campaign(spoilers)

          I can't get into COD campaigns at all anymore. There's just no freedom or substance to them to really hook me.


          Nothing but "shoot this endless wave of mindless enemies then I'll open a door for you and we'll do it again, also no exploring or MISSION FAILED" It's disappointing too how IW had the chance to really build upon BO2's steps in the right direction but instead they took the same old same old half assed approach.

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              Re: Let's talk about the campaign(spoilers)

              Just want to throw this out there, but how many people buy CoD for the campaign?  I know there are some, especially those that like to follow the story, but the majority?  Heck, I know there are some that just want Zombies/Extinction and would pay for that alone.


              I've personally always bought the games for the online experience and keep the campaign either as a distraction for when I want to shoot something but want a break from online, or if there are connection issues, etc.  I always end up working on it until I have it 100%, though.  Stupid OCD...

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