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    Safeguard official thread

      HHey all I'm back

      i have been playing safeguard am I must admit it's AMAZING they really did a great job so my thanks must go out to the developers they really used it on this one


      oKay on to safeguard


      main points


      1- updated and much improved survival mode from mw3

      2- most perks guns and kilstreaks from multiplayer return

      3- you gain xp for multiplayer playing this and gain squad points

      4- every few rounds is a loot round in which you Capture crates containg kill streaks better hurry it only lasts 15 seconds

      5- perks crates and weapon crates are dropped every 2-3,rounds and buy double tapping x can be changed to another perk or gun

      6- you start with a pistol and muat capture crates for guns and better equiptement


      key points


      1- weapons have a level so a higher level gun does more damage than a lower gun in order to gain levels you must kill with that weapin or pick up a medallion tag found at random though be warned if a teammate picks up the tag you don't get the level up

      2- ammo can only be restocked by a crate or a ammo medallion ( the ammo medallion affects all players )

      3- there will be field order to complete such as knife 10 enemies upon cmpletion you automatically get a minigun

      4- if you revive a teammate you gain a ballistic vest

      5- you can have all the perks but if you go down you only lose the LAST PERK YOU PICKED UP not all of them if you die you lose all of them

      6- if you die the weapon you had equipped can be picked up again just go to where you died

      7- your weapon level does not reset upon death only when you complete or leave a game

      8- also be on the lookout for certain rare safeguard only guns i have used a few



      1- camp ( yes it's bad in multiplayer but the aim is to survive find A decent spot with your teammates and work together )

      2-level up guns a level 6 pistol does more damage than a level 1 sniper

      3- get those perks

      4- be sure to level up both guns trust me


      HHow could it be made EVEN better


      1- bette spawns for enemies especially on flood

      2- more ammo crates

      3- a few more guns


      best maps

      1- prison break

      2- flooded

      3- that train one


      i will continue to update please post if I missed anything or you have a better tip